Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Today I was suppose to have my prenatal visit, but my midwife had to postpone it due to a family emergency.

So, how about a weekend recap? 

I didn't get a lot of pictures....I always get to visiting and having fun and forget to take pictures till later. Oh well, with time maybe I'll get better...especially with my picture taking skills. It's seems like almost all my pictures are blurry or dark...ugh!
It was a fun weekend though! My brother and sister got to come home from college, there was a couple of games of Duck-Duck-Goose....whoever thought that would end up being such a hit! :) There was lots of good food, laughing, talking, and piano playing....

Nathan playing.
Nathan & John rough housing in between piano playing!
Nathan & Adalie having fun at the piano; and cute, clean girls!
 The girls had so much fun...they love getting to see their aunts and uncles, and getting to play Duck-Duck-Goose with them made if even more fun! I didn't get any pictures of us playing, but it was highly entertaining. 
I mean, what could be more entertaining then seeing pregnant me running (or rather trying to run) around couches, Aleah's intense running looks and flying over couches endeavors, Jacob and Nathan's multiple retries on catching each other (which included some falls, leaping over couches, and lots of laughing!), John's attempts at making others slip and slipping himself, and Abigail and Bethany forgetting where to sit, or making multiple trips around and around the couches before realizing they needed to sit down! So, yes, it was a lot of fun. :)

There was also some serious study time....
They both look like they're studying hard!

Abigail had to join in the studying too!
Nathan had to do some studying while he was there, and Bethany decided she wanted to studying too so she went and got the toy laptop, borrowed Nathan's book, and started working on some Spanish! Both of the girls love their uncle Nathan, and think that going to college is pretty cool. :)

Hopefully it won't be too long before we can get together again!