Thursday, May 27, 2010

You Remember Me, Right?!

Time gets away from me faster then I realize sometimes....well, I guess I realize it when I sit down to write and it's been weeks since the last time I wrote, but maybe some of you know what that's like. :) Normally, I'd be in bed right now, but I got a late start on washing Jacob's work clothes, so now I'm having to wait for them to get done so he has clothes to wear in the morning. Of course, it'll probably rain a lot and he won't be able to work, but at least all his work clothes will be ready for him next week. He has Friday off, which works out wonderfully well as he was either going to have to take off the whole day or at least half a day so we could head up to Kansas City for my half marathon I'm doing on Saturday with my mom and two of my sisters! Yes, it's this weekend!!! I can't hardly believe seems like I've been training for a long time and even though I knew I was training for this half marathon now that it's almost here it's like WOW am I really ready to do this!? I'm actually really excited and I probably should be more nervous about it, but I'm not....I mean I am when I think about it a bunch and the fact that I want my finish time to be good (I really don't want to be last!) and I worry about not being ready for the hills. Ok, I'm still excited even when I think about those things! It'll be even more fun since I'll be doing it with my mom and sisters and we all have matching outfits, which it totally awesome! I will definitely be posting pictures of our "race day"...of course, I'll be a little reluctant to post pictures of us after we've finished the race! I mean I don't know about my mom and sisters, but after running 13+ miles I look a lot like a red lobster soaked in water (sweat)....but, I suppose I'll post them any way because we will all have our medals and we'll definitely want to be showing them off! :) Ohhh, I'm getting more and more excited just talking about it! Not that part of being as red as a lobster soaked in sweat, but I think you know what I mean!

So, I should move onto something besides running, because there are those that don't find that interesting....which I understand since I used to be one of them, but I've been bitten by the "running bug" and when I get together with my mom and sisters that's a big portion of what we talk about and we love it!

Well, since last time I posted Bethany had her 1st birthday! My little baby is now a 1-year old and thinking she's big stuff...she runs around doing everything Abigail does, whether good or bad (usually it's bad, trust me!). Her personality is really starting to show and she is such a clown; she will purposely do anything and everything she can think of to make you laugh and it usually works even when you try not to laugh! She's definitely a joy to be around....except at night....we're working on the sleeping though the night.....she's not there, I wish she was.....maybe soon............maybe.
I will try to post some pictures of their birthdays next week sometime...I have a full camera again and it'll be even more full after this weekend! Oh, and I have a kitchen now!!! It's now fully functional and I was able to unpack all of my dishes....oh, how I missed them! My kitchen is and looks amazing and I love it, but not as much as I love my Jacob who did a lot of hard work to make it look and be nice for me. He is so good to me! But, yes, I'll be posting pictures of my kitchen, lots to look forward to!

I'll talk to y'all next week sometime....don't forget about me!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Goodbye For The Weekend!

We're headed down to my family today...Jacob got rained out of work so we get to go down earlier, which is awesome! The part about us getting to go early, not about Jacob not getting to work because he does need the work, it just worked out nicely that if he had to get rained out of work we at least get to go down to Rolla! :) So, I'm packing up and cleaning up and pretty soon I'll be pie making....I'm only making Toll House Pies, so totally easy compared to cream pies, I just need to get to the store first and the girls are still sleeping. They always sleep in when I'm up and about, they just don't seem to understand that when I'm sleeping in they need to be as well! :) I'm totally excited, but also very hungry (not sure why other then I need to "break-fast"!), so this will be short and sweet....ok, not sure about the sweet part, but it will be short because the girls will be waking up any second and the "race" will be on! :) Well, they seem to have read my mind....the are up, so we're on the move! :)

I'll be back soon...don't miss me too much while I'm gone!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Black & White

Yep, I found the camera cords, so I now have lots, and I mean lots, of pictures! I can only post so many on my blog though, but I will try to post as many as I can! I absolutely love black and white adds so much to a picture and it makes me want to turn every picture into a black and white picture!Occasionally, Abigail loves to pose for me...especially when she's dressed up! And you'd never guess by looking at these pictures that she's ornery, would you?! :) Well, she can be a very ornery troublemaker, but she can also be so sweet and nice....we just need to work on the sweet and nice becoming an all the time thing! :)
Bethany is getting so big now, she does (or at least tries to do) everything Abigail does and they can be so cute and ornery together! I love getting good pictures of them when they're being so sweet and lovable! :)I'm sorry about the quality of the last picture, but I wanted some pictures of the girls and me and I am not very good at taking pictures while I'm trying to be in the picture. :)

Saturday, May 1, 2010


So, after finishing my last post I went to look for the cords to plug the camera into the cords....hmmm....start looking in places I last saw them....still no cords....where on earth are they!!! Ok, I'm sure they're around here somewhere, but I still haven't found them and I have no idea where they could, yes, until I find it I can't post stinks I know! I'm hoping Abigail didn't hide them somewhere....a couple weeks ago I opened a little storage compartment, on one of the little toy/walkers we have, to find my watch inside! Thankfully, I hadn't been missing it for very long, but I do have to be careful about what I leave out in reach of Abigail now....I don't think she would have taken off with the cord though, it's doesn't look cool or pretty so I have a feeling it wouldn't catch her attention....I hope! I'll just have to keep looking and until then you all will just have to be content to read more. :) Other then the missing cord, Bethany pounded on the laptop keyboard, somehow managing to zoom in on my I have no idea how to fix it. How is it they can manage to mess things up so quickly and then I have no idea how to fix it?! I mean, really, I don't think I'm that stupid........ok.......maybe I am when it comes to computers. I am always afraid of messing something up on them, but still you'd think I'd be able to figure it out....maybe Jacob will have to see if he can. Does it look funny to you guys? That's not all "the girls" can do.....the other day the girls and I had been in the bathroom, I walked out to get something and I hear Bethany start to fuss so I walked back around the corner toward the bathroom I saw Bethany coming out with toilet paper trailing behind her! I was half expecting what I would find, but hoping I was wrong as I hurried into the bathroom to see Abigail sitting on the lid of her little toilet calmly peeling off the last of almost a whole roll of toilet paper off the cardboard roll. Ahhhh!!! How frustrating is that!? Of course, it's not easy re-rolling toilet paper and it definitely took A LOT more time to re-roll it then it did for them to unroll it. Thankfully I can at least look back on it and laugh about it, cause I wasn't laughing when it happened!

I'll be back with pictures, hopefully soon!