Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Quick Post

I know I've failed to blog a few days this past week, but if I don't do it in the morning it doesn't happen, and yesterday we needed to go to the park. Ok, the girls "needed" to go to the park, but it was a nice little outing, and I think they enjoyed themselves immensely. I will post pictures tomorrow because, of course, I haven't downloaded them yet. :)

I also went for a nice 40-minute walk/jog yesterday, although it ended up being more of a fast walk....I gotta get used to running with a belly because it feels kind of weird! I'm hoping to go out again today when Jacob gets home and doing it again with maybe some more jogging. If I could do that at least every day, but Sunday, I'd be really happy....and feel good too. :) I don't know how those teeny-tiny pregnant people do it other then starving themselves....I guess even when I'm not pregnant I'm not real small, but it would be nice to not gain weight so easily!

Oh, and I have my next prenatal visit scheduled for Friday morning...woohoo! :) I'm looking forward to seeing what my belly is measuring, and hopefully seeing that my iron has gotten back up to a good level. Of course, even if it is at a good level I'm still going to have to continue taking the "dog food smelling" Hema-Plex...and I'm not kidding those things stink like dog food! Ugh, and speaking of it reminds me that I need to go and gag one down. Alright, that part of my morning is done. :)

I better get the girls to eat breakfast...it seems like some days they go on a breakfast strike and refuse to eat breakfast until it's lunch time, and maybe it's just me, but them wanting pb&j for the first thing they eat is just disturbing!