Friday, July 2, 2010

Goodbye Jeep....Hello Mini Van!

The jeep was a nice car and there is a lot of memories with it, but it was time for us to move on to something with a little more room, so we said goodbye to the jeep on Sunday and Tuesday afternoon we said hello to our new Honda Odessy....*drum roll*It is amazing! I drove it for the first time today and it was soo smooth and quiet! Jacob does a good job when he picks things out and even though it wasn't fun having to deal with the salespeople and all the stuff that goes along with buying a new car, he was amazing and did an awesome job. The color wasn't exactly what we wanted, but things worked out better with this color and we both are pleased with it....I love it! :) Abigail was enthralled when we buckled her in and turned on Shrek....Jacob and I both kept laughing at her expression and it was well worth it to see how much she liked getting to watch a movie while in the car!It still makes me laugh to see her expression...she was like in shock and she literally didn't move or change expressions till we stopped the car (other then to close her mouth after the initial shock wore off!). When we asked her if she liked the mini van better than the jeep, she, without looking away from the movie, nodded her head and whispered yes. :) Bethany on the other hand wasn't too thrilled since she is still facing backwards and can't see the movie unless she turns her head at a weird it will be nice when she is big enough to have a forward facing carseat....then we will really have some peace when we go for long drives! ;)

Well, we're getting ready to head down to my parent's for this 4th of July weekend as soon as Jacob is off work....sooo excited, I love getting to see everyone and we always have a lot of fun! We should be bringing back some of my siblings, so the fun shall come home with us...yippee! Abigail is really excited about Adalie and John getting to come back with her so it will be a fun week for her too!

I'll leave you all with some pictures of me and the girls...I find that it is quite impossible to get both of the girls in the picture with me and take the picture....I shall have to remedy that....maybe this weekend when there will be lots of people around to take pictures....if I don't forget....I forget things really easily....other then the fact that I Love Jacob the MOST!
I love my girls!