Monday, October 29, 2012

It's Monday

Well, the girl's summer clothes are now switched over to their winter clothes, and I'm feeling good about having finally gotten that accomplished. :)
I'm thinking I'll wait till around the first of December to pull out the box of baby girl stuff for Ella. I know it'll take quite a bit longer to do since I'll need to have Jacob get the box (it's at the very bottom of all the boxes in the storage room, of course), and then wash it all and find somewhere to put them. Our space is pretty limited with one dresser the girls share, but I'll have to find a way of squeezing in clothes for one more. :) I'm really looking forward to going through all the stuff...I love baby clothes!

As for what the girls have been up too, this is what I found on the wall in their room...

When I saw this, I looked at Abigail (who stopped jumping on her bed to stare innocently at me) and said, 
"who did this on the wall?"
Abigail response: "Umm, well...Bethany did it!"
Ok, so to be honest, I started laughing! I mean really, I've always heard stories of kids doing this (including my Dad), so to see that Abigail had plainly been the one to write it, but somehow thought that she could get away with saying Bethany did it was just so funny! Abigail knows Bethany can't even write her own name, let alone Abigail's name so I'm not sure how Abigail thought she could get away with saying Bethany did it, but I guess kids just have to give it a try anyway. :)
I also thought it was funny, that she had started to write it in big letters, but ran out of wall space so she had to do it least it was with washable crayons! I guess she felt rushed too, since she doesn't usually misspell her name. :)
She did get a spanking from Daddy for coloring on the wall.....and yes, he had to do it cause I was trying not to laugh about it, and probably wouldn't have spanked her (this time) for it since I had laughed. :)

I'm sure this won't be the last of the 'name writing on the wall', and for those of you that have kids that are learning to write their name....yes, this will probably happen to you too! :)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


I was planning on doing a nice long blog post with some pictures....but I guess Picasa has other plans because for some reason I can't upload my pictures or even open Picasa up. I'm sure I'll figure it out at some point, but for now this post will be picture-less.

Actually, I think this laptop/internet is ganging up on me. I mean, yesterday the internet wasn't working for most of the day, and now Picasa doesn't want to work....hmmm, it must know that I'm afraid of trying to fix it because I always feel like I'll make the problem worse, or somehow break the computer! is another 80 degree day, and I'm loving it for the girls sake, but I'm greatly disliking the swelling that accompanies it. I really haven't had too bad of swelling, it's mainly just when I go out to walk/jog and I can watch my fingers get all swollen...ugh! It is suppose to cool down tomorrow night and be back down in the 50's for the weekend though, so I'll enjoy that. :) 
Oh, and my walk/jog has turned into more walking than seems like every time I go out and start jogging Ella turns into a brick in my stomach, which makes it pretty uncomfortable, but I guess the point is to get out there and do some form of exercise. It would just be so nice to be able to have continued running up until I had her.
I'm also hoping my iron is on the rise now that I'm taking two different iron supplements....and no, I'm not doing the blackstrap molasses. I really did give it my best effort, but that stuff is super gross and I can't imagine anyone actually enjoying it. Jacob tried to come up with a better way to drink it, but he only got down one or two sips before he was done and had to find something to eat to get the taste out of his mouth! And, yes, I did laugh at him because I had warned him I didn't think there was anyway possible for that stuff to taste good unless it was in pumpkin muffins! :) He took it well though...I guess he's used to me laughing at him, and that stuff really does cause you to make weird faces when you drink it! :)

Ok, I better get myself busy...lots to do and the girls have decided to act like they're on a sugar high! 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Day Outside

Definitely fall around here, but I'm loving the cooler weather!

We've been trying to spend some time outside today, and the girls informed me that this...
is Wendy, or maybe "Windy"....I'm not sure exactly. :) But, yes, the garden scarecrow has a name and the girls had fun getting some pictures taken with her, and "holding" her hands! :)

Then they decided they wanted their picture taken by the fake cats....which didn't have names that I'm aware of. :)
I then thought I would try getting pictures of each of the girls by themselves....Bethany had other plans though. I guess she thought she couldn't smile normally without Abigail in the picture with her. On the other hand, I got a beautiful picture of Abigail.
 Hopefully with time Bethany will become more photogenic. :)

Well, I think we are off to the park now that Jacob is home!

Monday, October 15, 2012


Well, after a weekend of fun down on the farm with my family, the girls seem to be having trouble adjusting to the normal today has involved multiple spankings and couch time. I just hope tomorrow is better.

We had a really fun weekend though...I love getting to spend time with my family! 
Unfortunately, and I'm sure you all won't believe this, but I forgot to take pictures until when we got home last night and I was sitting on the couch, and I thought: "I totally forgot to take a single picture the entire time we were down there!" I can't believe I forgot. You'd have thought it would have crossed my mind at some point during the weekend, but obviously it didn't......can I just blame it on a forgetful pregnancy brain?
So, you'll just have to take my word for it that we had a fun weekend! :) It involved some good food, including The Birthday Cake (for my older sisters birthday), which of all the desserts of the weekend, that was the one exception I made since I had to have a piece! It has to be the best cake out there...or at least in my opinion it is. :)
We also had a nice bonfire, and it ended up being a beautiful evening for one (even with the prediction of rain), although it was rather windy which resulted in some circling of the fire while trying to cook hot dogs. Of course, there was the usual dropping of food from the kids, the chasing of dogs away from food, and the drama of sticky s'mores fingers. I guess it wouldn't be a bonfire without all the extra happenings. :)
I still can't believe I forgot to get any pictures, so I'll try to make up for it next time by taking even more.....**note to self: don't forget to take pictures pregnant brain!!!**

In other news, I had my prenatal visit this morning. Everything looked really good except for my was 7.8. Yep, not good when it should be closer to 13....and that was with me taking Hema-Plex every day! So, I need to get to work on finding other ways to get it up....the next step will be attempting to take Black Strap Molasses, since the midwife said that she's seen it work the fastest. I tried to take it when I was pregnant with Bethany, but after trying to get down 1 Tbsp (and failing) I didn't try it again.....but it looks like I'll be giving it another go.
My blood pressure was really good though, Ella's heart rate was good, and I'm measuring at 27cm....still hoping I'm a little farther along(I can't help it!). :) So, that was all good, and Ella's definitely been growing. She was head down today which is good, other than the fact her head is pushing on my bladder....hmmm, no wonder ever time I go out to run I feel like I need to head right back inside to the bathroom!
I'll see my midwife again in three weeks, and she's going to actually draw blood and send it in this time instead of just pricking my finger, so we'll get a more accurate number for my iron, but hopefully it will have gone up by then.

I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful fall weather! I'm loving all the fall colors...definitely a better fall than last year. We went for a walk this evening and the trees were so pretty around the lake, but yes, I forgot my camera so I'll have to try and get some pictures of the scenery around here tomorrow. :)

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Random Thursday

Well, the day isn't even over and I feel tired. I did make two apple pies though, and had to deal with two little girls that decided to make a mess of all their toys and then tell me it was, "too hard to clean up!" So after a few spankings and a talk on the couch....maybe we're doing better. Our talk consisted of what we "do" and "don't do", including the importance of obeying even when "we don't want to." The most tiring part of that was saying something and then asking Bethany what I just said.....there would be a long pause, then a "ummm, well....." After several attempts she was able to repeat what I said....I guess it won't take very long to find out if it actually sunk in her head though *sigh*.

So, yes, dealing with them makes for a longer, more tiring, day then baking two apple pies.

Something funny the girls were discussing yesterday, was "homework". Bethany had been asking when Daddy would get home, and I told her he would get home whenever he finished all of his school. So, then she was saying when he finished all of his homework he would come home, but then Abigail had to point out that, "Daddy does his homework at home because it's called home work, so you do it at home!" Of course, Bethany kept arguing that he was going to do all of his homework at school and Abigail stuck with her argument of doing homework at home. Well, I was busy in the kitchen so I kind of quit paying attention, but was pulled back into the conversation when I heard Abigail say loudly, "home school, well, that's funny!" I would love to know how it got around to home school, but it was hilarious to hear Abigail say that, especially in her well-that's-the-silliest-thing-I've-ever-heard, kind of voice! After I laughed for awhile, I had to point out to Abigail that when she started school that would be what it's called because she would be doing school at home. 

I'm still laughing about that one....never know what kids will think of and how it will come out as! :)

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Random Thursday

Well, I didn't mean to take that long of a break from blogging, but time slipped away from me once again. I guess in a way things have been a little slow/monotonous, so that leaves little to write about without my blog coming across as slow. I guess it's good that things haven't been too crazy around here, but it is nice to have a change of pace every now and then from the typical day of keeping the girls from being too wild or from destroying the house!

We're getting ready for a weekend of going to bonfires and having one ourselves, so it should be a fun weekend.

 It's looking like it'll be a chilly weekend and probably a little damp from rain, so good for having a bonfire, other then the girls will probably manage to get extremely dirty...oh well, they somehow managed to look like they had eaten dirt the last time we had a bonfire, so why not add a little mud this time!

The park has been a frequented place lately...

Making the girls run off some energy! :)
 I really don't know what I'll do when it's too cold for the girls to be outside much....I guess just thick winter coats and boots! :)

We've also been doing some goodwill shopping. The first time it was cold enough for the girls to need to wear pants I discovered that all of Abigail's pants were too short, so I figured that needed to be remedied soon now that fall is officially here. I've never done much goodwill shopping, but I'm discovering it can be a good way to find nice stuff without having to pay a ton. Like this little jean jumper from Classic Pooh...
It's so cute, perfect condition, and only two dollars!

Then there was my best find of the day...
 a Hanna Andersson skirt! 
When I saw it I thought it was so cute, so I looked to see the size and saw the namebrand and knew I had to get it even if I had to wait for Ella to be big enough to wear it! It was on sale so I paid one dollar for it! Those of you who know that brand know that's an awesome it's in perfect condition too! :)

So, yes, I'm kind hooked on the goodwill shopping. :) I kept seeing all these cute little newborn/baby stuff though, but I kept telling myself we didn't need it cause I still have so much baby stuff from the girls, but they had a lot that was pretty tempting to pass up! I did get multiple pairs of pants and shirts for Abigail, so she's got a good start for this winter. :)