Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A "Good Killer"....or... Maybe Not

I just killed some kind of black bug (with the fly you some distance from the targeted bug) and Bethany praised me with, " you are a good killer, mom!"  Umm, thanks....I think....I don't know that I really appreciate being called a "good killer", but I guess in the sense that over the years my killing of bugs has gotten slightly better it makes sense. I mean, there were no little screams coming out of my mouth with this attempt (generally that only happens with things that can jump or move really fast), and she has definitely seen some interesting bug/spider/cricket killing efforts.

Unfortunately, what child could forget their mom, standing on a chair, with daddy's shoe duck tapped to the handle of the broom attempting to kill a spider....I mean really, it was pretty traumatizing, especially considering that when Abigail said, "look mom!" I was thinking I would be seeing another cricket not a spider (and crickets are bad enough)!
Btw, it was a gigantic spider and the fly swatter was just not going to cut it that time....and the chair....well, it was protection for my feet, so don't hate me! And yes, I did kill it......after several close calls and multiple swings of the broom/shoe weapon....and maybe just maybe there were little shrieks coming from somewhere, but don't ask me from where. Some things are just better forgotten. 
Of course, trying to explain to Jacob why there was duck tape on his shoes.....well, some things shouldn't be forgotten.

Sadly, I can't say that was a one time thing. 

I don't know why we have to have so many "scary things" that come into our house, especially since it can be embarrassing to have to explain to your husband when he comes home why there's a bowl, upside down, in the middle of the floor with a pile of books on top of it....yeah, it's definitely embarrassing. Of course, Jacob just raised his eyebrows when he spotted it (and probably tried not to laugh) as I quickly tried to explain that this time it was totally reasonable because it wasn't just a spider...and the shoe duck tapped to the broom wasn't going to work (but obviously, I didn't tell him the last part).

So, I guess I'll take Bethany's compliment of "you are a good killer" in a good way........

at least until the next time I have to kill something and she tells me that "daddy could do it better."


Hillary Brown said...

This makes me laugh! =D Love it!

Unknown said...

This explains a lot!