Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Pictures....Maybe?!

Out of 20 pictures this one is probably the best one and it still isn't great, but at least Abigail is smiling a little in this one, even though Bethany isn't really...she still looks cute though. Abigail decided to frown and look very unhappy in most of the other 19 pictures...she really dislikes being "required" to have her picture taken, but to bad for her because I make her anyway! This picture also might have looked better if the blue blanket (in the background) hadn't started to fall down and if the fake fish and blue jar weren't included in the corner...oh well, not much I can do about that. I did think I was doing good to have chosen the couch against the wall instead the couch that would have put the kitchen in the background.....but......then I saw the fish in just the right spot that made cutting him out quite impossible. He's in every single picture too, except the ones with just the girls.....hopefully he won't be in next years Christmas picture!

I think this one is pretty cute of the girls!
My happy girl!
She's my sweetie, but you can sure tell she's ornery!
Can't you just tell they're "partners in crime"?! :)

Sooo, cute! I have a bunch more, so next time I'll have to post the pictures of Abigail wearing this same dress last year at this time with Bethany wearing it this year!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Basement Progress & Pictures!

So, the latest and greatest news is that we now have all of our things in the basement...we're still unpacking and organizing so we haven't actually "moved" down there, but in the next day or so we should be able to! It's pretty exciting to have all our things...like having Christmas early...of course we're also going through things and getting rid of or throwing things away that we didn't when we were packing a year ago, but if feels good to see our things. Jacob has found a couple of mice nests, but thankfully I haven't encountered any and that has been the worst of the unpacking, other then dints and scratches in some of our furniture from being packed into a storage unit for so long. Abigail's room is adorable with all her stuffed animals on the shelves, her new little bed and her dresser, which will be Bethany's too. :)
I didn't get a picture of Abigail's room (although you can get a glimpse of it behind the curtains in the back of the picture) because it had a lot of boxes, but I will get lots more as soon as it's looking less "box covered". Jacob's in the background going through drawers with Abigail's help...you can just barely see the top of her head! This isn't the greatest picture either, but its at least an idea of what our little apartment looks like...I'll post more since I took this yesterday afternoon and we were up late last night unpacking a lot of boxes. It's looking so nice though, I love it and it will be so nice to have our own space. Saturday night after we had gotten everything, we just sat down there while the girls were getting ready to go to bed relaxing and watching Enchanted in our own space...it felt really good. Of course, we weren't down there long before we got a call from upstairs wondering if we were going to come back up. :)
Bethany was enjoying being surrounded by toys...well, at least for a little while, then she wanted me to quit trying to accomplish anything and hold her.
I think this picture is cute...I thought I had unpacked all the toys, but no, there was another half a box full of them....the girls were excited about them though! :)
She loves the carpet and she's doing the "army crawl" pretty good, so it won't be long before she'll be crawling like a pro....oh yeah, and getting into trouble!
I barely got this picture because she has decided she doesn't like getting her picture taken so she runs away, which is very frustrating, so she was saying "I rotten"....yes, she did have a little help from me in learning how to say that! :) She thought it was pretty funny and hearing her say that was making me (and Jacob laugh)! I'll post some of the Christmas pictures we "tried" to get yesterday. I think we got 20 pictures and maybe one turned out ok....whew, it's tough getting a picture taken with two little kids. We might have to try again, but I'll try and post some of them tomorrow. I start my Christmas baking tomorrow! We'll see how I'm doing tomorrow night after trying to bake and look after 2 wild girls! :)

Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Shopping, Wrapping Presents......

I love going shopping for Abigail and Bethany! That will probably be one of my favorite things to do around birthdays and Christmas...one thing Jacob and I did find out was: don't take your 1 year old (or any age probably) to Toys R' Us! It's great at first and I was excited about her seeing all the toys, which she was definitely excited about...but it quickly turns into her wanting everything (especially the dolls) and if something is in a box she thinks that it is her goal in life to open it! It's understandable considering the fact that it's hard for a 1 year old to except the concept that she can't have the "millions of toys that are just sitting around for the taking"...I mean really, think about what they must be thinking when you take them into a store like that. They're old enough to know they like playing with toys and in a place like that, instead of seeing one or two dolls, they see hundreds of every imaginable kind of doll...from crawling baby dolls to prettily dressed dolls with lots of hair. Not forgetting the thousands of other toys and books...that are extremely fascinating, even to me...I could walk around in that store for hours probably! So no, I can't really blame her for turning into a "demanding, I want everything little girl", but for that reason we also won't be taking her back any time soon! :)

As for the basement update: the trim is done...as of this past hour! So we're ready to move all our belongings in, which is very exciting, and Jacob and his dad are going down to Rolla tomorrow morning to get all our things out of storage! I'm not sure when we'll actually "move down there", but soon....really soon! Oh, and we realized the other day that we had thrown away our comforter for our bed when we were packing things up (back in January) because it was pretty worn, so yesterday we got a new one and when we got back from shopping we took it down to see how it would look with the colors in the basement. I took Bethany down with us, since she was wound up and not wanting to go to bed, and laid her on the floor where she (when we weren't looking) promptly spit up on our new carpet and new comforter! *Sigh* so our carpet and comforter are now officially broke in and I'm sure, unfortunately, that that was just the first of many episodes like that....and yes, I laughed about it, but it was partly because of Jacob's reaction both to Bethany spitting up on the floor and carpet
and to the actual spit up! :) He said it smelled and as extra precaution made his way over to the hard floor and spent a little time there! I guess because I'm a mommy now I can deal with spit up and stuff without it bothering me to much...hopefully that will be the case when the girls are bigger and it's not just milk that they've eaten. :)

On a not so "gross" subject...I got started on wrapping presents. To those of you out there that can wrap any size, weird shaped presents....wow, can you give me some tips?! I think it could be a lot of fun to actually wrap presents and have them turn out looking nice...I can do some alright, but most turn out looking pretty bad when you look closely. I know the general idea for wrapping, but it rarely ever works the way its suppose to...oh well, maybe I'll get it eventually!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I'm Still Here & I Have Pictures

Wow, I feel like I've been crazy busy the last couple of days...actually the past week or more. I'm not sure why, I don't think I've really had that much more to do then normal and it certainly isn't going to slow down any...next week will be pretty crazy or at least the days before Christmas. I'm so excited about next week though! Abigail is going to be big enough to really enjoy it (which will be fun to watch!), we get to all be with my family which will be awesome and I'm making some new desserts...oh yes, and the best part is that Jacob and I (the girls too) will be having Christmas in Missouri! It really is nice to be living in Missouri...just thinking about all the times we've gotten to spend time with family, since getting back in August, is awesome...definitely more then the whole time we saw them for the 2 1/2 years we were in Colorado! So, it's a happy time of year for me, especially thinking about last Christmas when I couldn't stop thinking about Jacob having to leave in January...but I don't have to worry about that this year so I'm happy!

Tomorrow I'm going to go Christmas shopping with Jacob...I'm excited about buying things for the girls. Bethany won't really care too much, but Abigail will and it will be fun to see her face as she opens her presents! I'll have to get lots of pictures, especially now that I can post pictures off my camera. Speaking of pictures here's some more..........
This one is so silly of Bethany! It makes her face look really chubby too, which it is, but this is just funny! Abigail looks really angelic, which is nice since a lot of the time she makes this face.......
She's a sweetie even though she's ornery. It'll be interesting to see how ornery they both are when Bethany is old enough they can actually do things together....I say interesting because I'm not sure if I'll be happy about it or think it's funny, depending on the extent of their orneriness!
This picture is rather blurry, but it's Bethany's ornery face...it's sooo silly and cute though! Makes me laugh every time she does it....Abigail too. :) I have some silly, but cute kids (in my opinion!), and I love them so much.

Now I just need to get some pictures of Jacob and I...we really don't have any pictures of just the two of us since before Abigail and Bethany were born. I guess I need to fix that. :) Most of the time I really don't like pictures of myself, especially pictures of myself after having kids...kind of depressing having to look at myself now...hopefully soon I won't feel that way as much. I really want a good Christmas picture of all of us and some good ones of the girls and at least one of Jacob and I...that would be nice. I'm finding out that it's really hard to get pictures of little kids, especially when they're Abigail's age...she never wants to sit still for a picture...she has to be on the go and if I make her sit then she starts crying and that ruins the chance of getting any good pictures. So, I'm "hoping" to get some pictures but we'll see!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Busy Day

This will be a short post since it has been rather a busy day and I was tired this morning when I had to get up so I'm even more tired now...I'm hoping the girls give me a good night sleep, we'll see though.
I know I haven't posted in awhile, but the carpet didn't come in so we decided to go down a day early to my family's house, which was really nice! We had been planning to go down Friday sometime, but when we found out Thursday the carpet wouldn't be coming till next week, we figured we'd go early...I think I took a shower and packed for myself and the girls in about 2 hours! Not bad considering I was carrying Bethany about half the time and had Abigail following me around wanting me to play with her...I guess I've had to pack a lot this past year, so I'm getting pretty good at it. Sometimes I forget what it was like to just pack for me and not have to pack two different sizes of diapers and make sure the girls have extra clothes, besides their daily clothes, just in case of "accidents"...mainly I have to worry about Bethany who still has frequent episodes. :) Having to pack up their pack n' plays take some time and making sure I have enough blankets for both of them...I also tend to over pack, which I guess isn't a bad thing when it comes to packing for the girls, but I'm getting better about it for myself at least. I think I could pack just for myself in about 10 minutes...like ready to walk out the door ready. :)

All right, time for bed...I'll work on posting and if I get enough time....PICTURES! Yep, I have my laptop in working condition, but I have a ton of pictures on my camera so getting them all on there could take awhile, so I won't promise anything, but in the next couple days for sure I should be able to post pictures to my hearts content!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Three Year Wedding Anniversary!

Yes, it really has been 3 years, sometimes it's hard to believe it's been that long, but a lot has happened in that time to make it seem more real...including having two little girls! :) They've been wonderful years and yes, there were some downs during that time (including Jacob's deployment), but overall it's been an amazing 3 years...I mean really, who could complain about being married to the most wonderful loving man in the world, who I keep loving more and having two little girls. Time goes by so fast when you're enjoying life and I love my life with Jacob, Abigail and Bethany and I wouldn't trade it for the world.
This is one of my favorite pictures because its right after the ceremony, we had just walked back up the aisle and it was right before we had to go back out to get more pictures....we were finally together for the rest of our lives and it was a wonderful feeling that I'll never forget. I love Jacob so much and he's my best friend...I've never had many friends, but having his friendship is the best thing I could ever ask for. One of my favorite things to do with him is just spending time together talking...I probably do most of the talking, but he does like listening to me and spending time with me. Of course, sometimes he has a hard time staying awake when I get in a chatty mood late at night when he has to get up early for work! I'm not sure why I get so chatty then...we laugh about it a lot because its rather funny. I always tease Jacob about thinking I was kind of a quiet person when we got married and then having quite the surprise when I keep him up all hours of the night talking about, mostly, random things! :) I wish I had more pictures that I could post, but these are just from facebook again...next week I'll be posting more pictures of everything.

So, we opted to stay indoors on this really cold day and I wanted to make whatever Jacob wanted for dinner, so we had pasta dish, which was pretty good and I made Apple pie. Jacob loves apple pie, but he wasn't going to make me make it, but I though of it and wanted to make it for him. Of course, he helped with part of it...the recipe is from his grandma, but she doesn't have amounts on most of the ingredients so its kind of a guessing game. It turned out pretty good, a little tart, but that was probably because we were guessing on the amount of lemon juice to put in it...I also think it could have used with a lot more apples and even though I got the dough (for the crust) in one try, I still want to work on it till I have it perfect! Oh, and it definitely helps when you're making a apple pie to have a "apple slicer corer"...it makes that part really fast and Abigail loved watching how it worked...she also liked eating the apples!

Speaking of Abigail....both of the girls have been really good today! They both slept in till about 8 this morning and then they both took a really long nap...like a 2 1/2 hour long one! I mean, talk about nice...and that will probably never happen again! They must have decided between themselves that it was about time they did something nice for daddy and mommy. :) So, it's been a good day...oh, and if you were wondering about Jacob's parents...they kindly gave us the house for the day and went shopping and out to a movie.

I love you my Jacob and I've enjoyed every minute of being married to you for these 3 years...you make me happy and no matter what I'll love you more every day!

Monday, December 7, 2009

No Posts and Christmas Desserts!

Yes, I've failed to post over the weekend at all...that is most saddening. The excuse for that (hmm, do I need an excuse?) is starting a post and never finishing it before I was too tired and had to go to bed. Rather a lame excuse, but I could come up with countless of others if necessary...I mean, just having 2 kids should be good enough! At the moment both girls are napping, but more then likely, long before I'm finished with this post, they will be up demanding my undivided attention. Not that I mind being needed, but sometimes it's nice to not have to constantly be entertaining them. Earlier Abigail was playing with her magnate alphabet on the front door and for some reason I had to be right there watching everything she did! If I walked away, she would follow me pulling on my pant leg and telling me to "come ere" and using her finger to indicate that I needed to follow her! Cute, but very demanding! She is so funny; she's getting quite the vocabulary and even when she can't say the exact words she rattles on expecting you to understand every word she says...sometimes when she's mad I wonder what she's telling me, but I guess I should be thankful for the time I don't understand what she's saying because soon enough I will understand every word and she might be headed to her bed after one of her long speeches. :) Hopefully with a better understanding of what's being said that won't be a problem, but that's probably every mom's wish! I have a lot to prepare for as my girls get older and I just hope and pray I can bring them up in the best possible way.

Right before I started writing I was looking at more yummy dessert ideas for Christmas...well, it'll actually be more like for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and the Day after Christmas with the amount that I'm looking at...maybe a lot longer with the amount I'm looking at! I had to make myself quit looking at pictures and recipe or I'd never stop finding things I think I have to make...my latest idea was Turtle Cheesecakes! For some reason it came to mind and I had to Google it and check out all the pictures...I found a recipe from BlogChef which is one of the blogs that I follow. So far I haven't tried any of the recipes from there, but I have made a huge list of the ones I want to and Turtle Cheesecake is one of them! So, I am absolutely NOT going to add/change anything else on my list of what I want to make for Christmas...ok, ok, not unless I decide not to make something and switch it for something else or if I decide not to make something...yeah, that probably isn't going to happen! Here we go then:

Christmas Desserts!

Rocky Road Fudge
Oreo Truffles
Cookie Dough Truffles
Cake Truffles
Chocolate-Peanut Butter Fudge Bars
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Brownies
Turtle Cheesecake

So, what do y'all think? Sounds extremely yummy to me...ok, maybe a little like "sugar coma waiting to happen", but still Christmas only comes once a year and it'll be the first time that Jacob, the girls and I will all be with my family during Christmas, so it's gotta be good! They'll be lots of people to eat it all up and if it isn't all eaten Christmas Day then we can bring what's left to "Christmas the day after" with Papa, Nanny and the rest of the family! Who could complain about all that chocolaty goodness...anyways there are some family members in my family that could use with some "fattening up"! :) I'm pretty excited about getting to make all that good stuff and hopefully the girls will be good when I'm baking. Pretty much all of it can be made in the days before though, so that's good and either way it'll just be fun to making stuff I've never made before!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Comments and Bittersweet Chocolate

Wow, there is a lot to figure out in the blogging world...like enabling your comment section to actually work so that people can leave a comment! For some reason, even though everything looked like it would let people comment, you couldn't...so, after spending some time trying to figure it out I finally got it working! Yes, I'm kind of slow at catching on to all of this...how come they don't just say things in a easy to understand way instead of inserting some strange "computer lingo" that I have no idea what they're trying to tell me. Just tell me that, if I want people to comment push yes on this...wouldn't that make it so much simpler?! I think so and yes, you computer geniuses probably haven't got a clue what I'm talking about because it all makes sense to you, but there are some of us out here that would really like it in the easiest possible language! Hopefully all my glitches are out of my blog now, but even if they're not, everyone can comment now, so you can let me know what I need to fix. I'm looking forward to being able to get to all my pictures so that I can figure out how to have lots of pictures on my blog and slide-shows!

Oh yes, before I forget...I found Bittersweet Chocolate! I hadn't been able to find it at the Wal-Mart here, so I checked at Walgreen's, which was unsuccessful, but Jacob made me look for it at Country Mart, even though I was doubtful that they would carry it. They carry it though, so I am pretty happy about that...now I don't have to make a long drive somewhere to try and find it. So, next thing I have to do is try out some different versions of the Molten
Chocolate Cakes and figure out which one is my favorite...over time of course, or else one bite of each attempt so I don't start eating too much sweets! :) Speaking of desserts, I'm working on my list of desserts I want to make for Christmas! So far, it's looking pretty yummy and I'm going to have my whole family there to eat everything I make, so I won't be tempted to eat more then I should. :) I love baking and I used to never like to cook if I could help it...I look back at when I didn't have kids and I had so much time on my hands and I can't believe I didn't bake more then I did...it's horrible! Now, I have very little time to bake while the girls are napping and when they're up I have a very short amount of time before they're both demanding my undivided attention. I make it happen though because it really is fun for me to bake and see how new recipes turn out. So yes, I now have a new hobby...baking and trying new recipes out!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

LIttle Bits of the Going Ons Around Here

One of my favorite times of the day is after the girls both go down for the night...then I can have some "me time" where I can sit around doing nothing if I want too. Of course, I don't usually end up doing nothing, but I don't have to constantly be on the go and I can read or even write like I am right now. :) Jacob is working away on the basement...I really will be glad when it's finished for more then one reason. He's doing such an amazing job on it and he's trying to make it perfect just for me, so it's really sweet of him and I love him so much. He tries not to always be working on it...like last night after dinner he stayed up here and tickled me for about half the time I was trying to write and so I laughed a lot, which is always a good thing! Oh, and yes, I'll be posting lots of pictures of the basement soon! Tomorrow the tile is going to be going in, it takes about 3 days to finish it all though, but it only takes 1 day to get the carpet laid and then it's done! It really is exciting to realize we're going to be able to move all our stuff in down there in a little over a week....OUR STUFF!!! Yes, I miss all my things a lot. We haven't had all our stuff for almost a year now...that's a long time to be without some things and using other peoples stuff the rest of the time. So getting to unpack all our stuff will be like Christmas time at Christmas!!! Some things will have to wait to get unpacked though, since Jacob will still be working on the kitchen area in the basement, so I'll still be having to cook upstairs, do laundry, and give the girls their baths upstairs...Jacob's going to be redoing the bathroom too since all it has is a shower. So, yes, there will still be work to be done down there, but we'll at least have our own space which is what I'm really really looking forward too!

On another note...Bethany has discovered that she can make different facial expressions, so for the past day or two and, especially today, she has been making Abigail and I laugh at her expressions. Which I think she knows, so she continues to make them to our constant amusement! The expressions are so cute and so Bethany...she has the funniest little personality coming out and she loves to laugh about everything! She also loves her big sister Abigail and wants to be able to follow her and do everything she does, so she gets frustrated when she can't go running after Abigail when Abigail takes off to do something...I tell Bethany she has to learn to crawl first...then she can learn to run after Abigail. :) I really can't wait to start posting pictures of them all the time! I was able to get a picture for my profile from my facebook, but I need to get a newer one then that...it was taken the day Jacob got back from his deployment, so about 5 months ago.....I'm so glad he's back. That was a hard 6 months without him, even harder having to watch Abigail miss him, having Bethany without him and then them not getting to meet each other till she was about 2 months old. Yes, I am so glad he's out of the Air Force, I'm not one of those people that could handle their husband leaving for 6 months, home for 6 months (if that) and then leaving again (which would have been the case with him if he had stayed in)....thankfully he feels the same way, so now we get to be together and no one can tell him he has to leave me again.

Well, I am going to get back to reading a fascinating/intriguing book that my sister Kayla loaned me....The Women in White by Wilkie Collins. It's a really good book and it just keeps getting more and more interesting, so if you like surprises, intrigue, suspense and literature give it a try!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Molten Chocolate Cakes & Jogging Strollers

Quite the combination, I have to say, but at the same time they do kind of go together because, unless you are one of the fortunate few (me not being among that group, sadly), if we want to eat Molten Chocolate Cakes WE HAVE TO go jogging! So, yes I finally made those delicious little cakes last night and found out that besides being extremely easy to make they are incredibly good...unfortunately, since if they were hard to make I might be less likely to make them, but seeing how easy they are and how much everyone around here liked them...I will be making them more often then would probably be good for me! That's where self-denial comes in...and yes, it will take a lot of it to pass up one of those cakes. There are some things that are easy to pass up and I've found that it isn't that hard to pass up on a lot of desserts, but molten chocolate cakes will be one of the hardest things I've discovered so far. They were fun to make and I will have to experience with different recipes to see the differences and see which recipes I prefer, but the recipe I tried is definitely going to be hard to beat. I will post the recipe I settle on or all of them if I can't decide with pictures to go with them as soon as I am able to post pictures....because all good recipes need a good picture to make you see just how good it is before you try it. I actually will sometimes not even look at a recipe if it doesn't have a picture...and yes, I probably miss out on some good recipes, but I like seeing the end result of what I'm going to be attempting to make and it really is convincing to want to make something if you see a yummy looking picture! Alright, enough talking about chocolate and on to my NEW JOGGING STROLLER!!! Yes, it is kind of a weird timing to be getting a jogging stroller (middle of winter), but I just told Jacob I wanted one not long ago and he ordered one for an early Christmas present...well...he was going to try and make me wait, but I convinced him he should go ahead and give it to me in case there are some nice days between now and then! The coolest thing about my stroller is it's a duallie, so now I can go running with both of the girls and it's a BOB stroller so it's even marathon worthy! No guarantees that I'll be running any marathons anytime soon, but if I decide to, I'd be able to train and run with the girls if I wanted. I'm sooo excited about it...I love it already and I haven't even used it, but I can't wait to!!! Even Abigail loves it, she has already chosen her side and sits in it buckled in the living room, so I can't wait to see how she likes it when we actually go outside with it! Hopefully Bethany will be just as excited about it...either way she will probably be napping in it since I will probably run at her nap time. Of course, I certainly won't be doing any serious running till spring and summer, but it's nice to know I can at least get out on the nice days and not have to worry about pushing one kid and trying to chase the other one! :) It'll definitely be good motivation to go running since my reward will be a Molten Chocolate Cake every once in awhile....and trust me, I'm really not that obsessed with those cakes, they're just really good and I've been trying to avoid the sweets so that was a big treat for me. I mean can you blame me? Ok, wait till you've tried one and then answer that! I did good on Thanksgiving too...I mean, most people talk about all the food and dessert they eat on and around Thanksgiving Day and I ate like I would any normal day, with the exception of one Almost Almond Joy Bars that I made. You gotta be able to feel good about that! :)

Wow, this was definitely a chocolaty post with a little running in it...tomorrow will be better...ok, maybe...I like talking about chocolate, you just can't go wrong with chocolate!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Finally...a post!

Yep, I wasn't sure if I'd ever make it to the point of posting...maybe it'll be easier now, but I'm still figuring out this whole blogging thing. I had my heart set on a brown and pink template (don't worry, I'm still looking), but I wasn't finding anything I liked, so I obviously settled for something totally different. It's kind of Christmasy and I like red...and roses...and love, so I think it'll work for now. Unfortunately, for at least another week or two I won't be able to post pictures (as my cables to connect my camera to the laptop are in storage), so that is sad since I love looking at pictures and I think blogs need to have a lot of pictures. It's kind of like seeing into another persons life when you read their blog and see pictures in every day circumstances, so yes, in future my blog will have lots of pictures. I have two beautiful little girls to be showing off too, so pictures are a must!
Today I was hoping to have at least two hours (is it really asking that much?) of quiet time as the girls napped...of course, once again that didn't happen. I really shouldn't be surprised considering on the days I really need some quiet time they never nap as long as they do any other day. Now, it will take me twice as long to write this since I have constant interruptions...so, more then likely I will be posting after bedtime from now on! Of course, on the days I'm up at 5AM, that might not happen...like today. I think Abigail and Bethany connive together on how they can get me up as early as possible (I think they have it down). Bethany was up first and I tried getting her to go back to bed, but it didn't help that she saw her daddy (who was getting ready to go to work) and once she sees him even the idea of sleep is gone! Of course, I was wishfully thinking there was a possibility, but when 7 came I gave up and no sooner had we walked out of the bedroom Abigail announced that she was ready to join forces with Bethany. *Sigh*, then Bethany promptly decides it's impossible for her to stay awake another minute....Hello! Why couldn't she have she have done that two hours ago?! Yes, if there was any doubt in my mind before now about them working together, this morning definitely proved otherwise. Being as close in age as they are, they will more then likely always be "partners in crime", so I have a lot to look forward to in the coming years! Despite this morning, they are a joy to be around and, especially Abigail, is getting to the age where there is quite a bit of amusement in watching their personality come out!
I am looking forward to tomorrow....Jacob probably won't have work, which is nice for me because I like having him here and, even though not working isn't good, every once in awhile its nice to have a day in the middle of the week where he's home! Oh, and there's a little chance of snow tomorrow night. I love snow, when I don't have to go anywhere and Jacob is with me!