Friday, August 20, 2010

Sisterly Fun

Sitting in a basket can be so much fun.....or at least that seemed to be the case for Abigail and Bethany one morning! I actually prefer them sitting "in" the basket instead of "standing on top of it" since they don't seem to get as hurt....normally that is.....there was the one time where Bethany pushed Abigail out of the basket, which upset Abigail immensely. :)

Then there was the day of dress up....or rather, wearing their dress up skirts on their heads while in their pajamas! I thought they were pretty cute and I'm quite sure they thought so too! :)

I love it when they hold's so sweet and cute, especially when they do it on their own!
I guess Bethany thought she needed to add something to her, big bright pink sunglasses were the perfect solution! :)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Fun Visiting Times!

Last month and just last week we had a few of my siblings come and spend some days with us and both times it was a lot of fun! The first time they came Jacob had some time off so we did some hiking around, but this last visit we just hung out around the house and pool selling golf balls and cookies. We live right next to the 3rd green on a golf course so that was pretty convenient. :)
John, Aleah and Adalie at Taum Sauk Mountain,the highest point in Missouri. It was also the first time any of us had been there, besides Jacob.
Climbing the stairs was a little scary, especially holding a baby! Of course, after we climbed all the way up there we discovered the door was locked to get up onto the platform so we had to content ourselves with standing on the little space at the top of the stairs.
Not the best of pictures, but it's us on top of Taum Sauk Mountain! :)

John had a talk with Bethany about unrolling the toilet paper....then it turned into a fun game of making "shocked" expressions! It was pretty cute! :)

Whoever would have thought that a blow-up mattress could be turned into a slide and provide an hours worth of fun! It was quite noisy for that hour too, but so fun to watch! :)
Then Adalie and John gave Dance Dance Revolution a try and we did that for about two days, which was a lot of fun....and exercise!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Heat Wave!

I don't have to say the all know its been awhile, but I do apologize because I need to be better at this blogging stuff and it's definitely not that I don't have enough to write about. It's just finding the time.

The heat has been atrocious for the past couple weeks and it'll be nice when it cools off a little. I'm not quite ready for winter (summer seems to being going by way too fast), but the cooler weather of fall will be a relief after this heat wave. Abigail and Bethany don't seem to notice the hot weather at all....I wonder what age it is when they actually understand the concept of being hot and would prefer staying indoors when it's so hot!
They love playing in the pool though....well, Abigail would prefer just sitting on the steps in the water, but Bethany loves being carried around in the water and sliding down the slide into the water. I have to watch her very carefully since she's not afraid of just walking into the water....I had hopes of her being a little more cautious after the first time, but after the second time I figured things weren't going to change. Bethany does have a swimsuit and I'm not sure why I didn't put it on before I started taking pictures, but they still turned out pretty good I think! :)