Monday, March 15, 2010

Pink & Brown....

Yes, I'm talking about my "new look"...what do you all think? I'm pretty pleased with it, I've been looking for one that was pink and brown for a long time now. Of course, I still wouldn't mind being able to add a few things to make it more me, but I guess that won't happen unless I learn how to do all that stuff that's involved in making your own background...which is probably way above my realm of understanding! :)

If any of you are wondering....we're all doing pretty well around here for the time being, things can change so fast around here though. Last week Jacob came down with a stomach bug which lasted about a day; a few days later I came down with it...thankfully it was on my "rest day" (for my running schedule), unfortunately it was also the day before I needed to do my long run, which for that week was 5 miles. I managed it though...I didn't feel real good around the 2nd mile and then again around the 4th mile, but I was able to do it so I was pretty pleased with myself. :) And so far the girls haven't shown any real sign of getting the bug, which is a relief.

Running overall is going's extremely hilly around here and there's no direction I can run in that doesn't have at least one huge hill. There's probably not even a half mile stretch with no hills, that's pretty sad, especially when you're starting out....I just keep telling myself that in the long run it will be better. So, yes at some point it better start paying off! :)
Yep, the girls are as ornery as ever! Some of these pictures are from last month...this was actually from when we spent a few days in Columbia at my sister and brother-in-law's home.
Crawling up and down the hallway was lots of fun....hmmm, not sure why, other than it was a new place.
Crawling up the stairs was, by far, the most exciting thing ever for them! Bethany knew right what to do, so she followed Abigail right up the, of course, that meant I had to be watching them like a hawk! Bethany also liked to crawl up a step or two than just think she could sit herself there on the steps....they like to give their mom heart attacks I believe!
Abigail thinking she's pretty cool....hmmm, she needs to work on keeping the slobber in the mouth though, I think that would be wonderful and make for much better pictures. :)Bethany following suit, except for the slobber (thank goodness). Abigail would constantly have to pull Bethany's hood up too when she would have hers on....I guess she didn't want to be the only one wearing a hood!See?! Abigail trying to pull it up and Bethany doesn't want it's a common occurrence when they wear these outfits. They do love each other though....ok, most of the time....they have their moments like any other kids! :)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Running....Oh, & Kitchen Update!

Wow, how time flies! I never can seem to catch up on everything and I just made things busier on myself by adding in some "outdoor running". I say outdoor because I always feel like I'm on the run, but I've actually starting getting out in the mornings and running to hopefully be able to run a half marathon in June. We'll see though....having two kids definitely doesn't make it easy to get out and run, but when the weather warms up I'll be able to get the BOB stroller out and go running with the girls. Abigail asks me every day about going running....hopefully she'll be just as excited after she figures out that she'll be riding not running! This morning I ran 3 miles (for my long run), it felt like a long ways for me, but I'm so behind in the training schedule....I guess it would have helped to have been checking into training schedules so I would have known to have gotten started running sooner. I have such a bird-brain sometimes! I'm trying to catch up, but that means having to push myself a little more....which isn't a bad thing, but I do what to be careful and not hurt myself. I'm really worried about that because then I wouldn't get to run the marathon and I REALLY REALLY WANT TO! So, besides running it's been all the normal hustle and bustle of life with 2 girls and half a kitchen! The kitchen has been making progress now has a ceiling and it's first coat of mud....which is way too enticing for 2 little girls that like to be in everything....I try to keep them out, but they like to follow their daddy around and that stuff does look like it might be fun to play in! :) Just saying....mind you, I haven't tried it out to know for sure! We also have a fridge which is wonderful to have; the little one we had held just the bare minimal, so having a nice huge fridge is extremely nice! Plus, we got it off of craigslist for $100 and it's almost brand new! Yeah, you can't get much better than that! In the next couple of weeks we'll be ordering our cabinets and counter tops, then we'll be getting a stove and sink and then we will be set....I can't wait! I will definitely be posting pictures of the finished product and any that I have of know...."before and after pictures!" ;)
I do have bunches of pictures, that are now on my laptop, so I will be posting pictures very soon, but this will have to be all for now because if I don't post this I might not get around to it and then it will be another day before you hear anything from me!