Thursday, April 29, 2010

Abigail & Bethany....My Pretty Girls

Here I am again...this time with hopefully lots of pictures to make up for all the "talk" in my last post! :) I need to download the camera onto the laptop, so you all will have to be happy with some older pictures of the girls and hopefully later in the week I'll have the new ones all ready to post! :)Abigail was actually on good terms with the camera when I took those pictures, thankfully, since sometimes it can be impossible to get pictures of her because she takes off running when I say I want to take her picture. Bethany still loves getting her picture taken and she usually gives me the sweetest smiles....she just is easily distracted so if there's anything else going on it can be hard to catch her looking at the camera!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

It Feels Like Forever....And It's Abigail 2nd Birthday!

Ok, I know it hasn't been forever but it really kind of feels like it because it's been so long since I've posted. I'm really sorry to any of my faithful followers (I'm talking to you, Adalie!), I really didn't mean for it to be so long till I wrote again...time has been trying to get away from me...seems like it has been succeeding! :) I seem to have been finding more and more things to do lately and as my time to get on here is limited as it is....then as you can see I don't get on and post. I've missed it though. I hadn't really thought about it, but as soon as I started typing I realized how much I miss writing away to anyone who might be out there reading. I won't post any pictures in this post (sorry), but I have a post in progress with pictures and tons of pictures that I want to post.

So, I'm sure everyone is just "dying" to know what all I've been busy with to keep me away from my blog and the truth be know I've been pretty busy with....LIFE...hehe! Ok, I just had to say that cause I thought it was funny...of course, life has been keeping me busy, but yeah, the details, you want to know the it! :) Well, running has been keeping me busy on the days I run...especially since I'm slow it takes even longer. Like today for example, I'll be running 11 miles (whenever Jacob gets home from work to watch the girls) and it will probably take me 2+ hours....I hope I can make it!

I've been perfecting my coconut meringue pie and apple pie and I really want to try my hand at selling some pies this summer and possibly starting up a little business or at least as much of a business as I can in a really small town. It sounds really fun to me though and it would be so neat to be able to sell something I make, so I'll probably have a bake sale sometime in the next couple of months and see how that goes and in the process pass out my name and number and see if I get any calls for pie! I think that would be sooo awesome to have people calling me to make pies....don't you guys think so!? I think I'll stick to Apple, Cherry, Pecan and Toll House Pie for my first sale day....maybe a coconut meringue or chocolate cream pie to have as samples so that people can try them and if they want something like that I can make them up especially for them. I'm really excited about it, if you can't tell! I know it might be a little difficult with the girls, but I'm sure I'd be able to manage it and it would be really nice for me to have a hobby that I really enjoyed doing....and that sounds like a fun hobby to me and a nice way to earn a little money too! That's always a plus! :)

Enough about pie, I'm sure you all want to hear about the two ornery girls that live here....Abigail and Bethany! :) Today is Abigail's 2nd Birthday and it's really hard to believe it's already been 2 years since the day she was born....hmmm, I can still remember the 26 hours of labor but it was definitely worth it! She was far from being the perfect little baby, and even though we are now into the "terrible 2's", I'm hoping she's not to terrible. :) It is so neat to hear how well she talks and the things she far the cutest thing she says to Jacob and I is "I love you the most"! Also if she likes what we're wearing she tells us we "look cute". :) She also told me this morning, when I pulled out her strawberry cupcakes, "they smell pretty good mommy"...I thought that was so cute, especially how she said it pretty solemnly! :) She spends a lot of time on her pretend phone talking to her aunts and uncles about any random thought that pops into her head. She also copies anything that she sees me do while I'm on the phone....pretty cute and really fun to watch! :) She has also gotten more serious about playing with her dolls or one of her animals. Yesterday as I was working on dinner I heard a thumping noise, so I look over at Abigail who is standing in a chair holding a big toy Elmo, who she is spanking. She then proceeds to turn him around to face her and says "we don't bite"! I had to laugh about that...I've had to spank Abigail a couple times when she randomly decides to bite Bethany. She never seems to do it on purpose, but it does happen on least she seems to remember that she gets spankings when she does that and obviously she didn't want Elmo biting her! I love hearing the different things she comes up with and what she says to her dolls and animals or just her grown-up responses to different situations....I will be sure to include her "insight" in my posts as she gets a little older and that happens more and more often!
Bethany is now walking....she's doing really well and I find that I have to be quicker at following her because she's fast! She'll be having her 1st birthday in just a few weeks and then she'll be my big 1 year old....she already thinks she's big stuff and tries to keep up with Abigail and do everything that she does. Bethany still isn't quite up to actually playing with Abigail (unless they're doing something bad like dumping water out of sippy cups onto the floor), so I'm looking forward to when they can really play and entertain each other instead of both needing me to play with them at all times!

This is all I have time for now and no promises, but hopefully I'll be back to writing regularly now!