Monday, September 24, 2012

Muffins & Smoothies

Muffins have been on my mind (a pretty common occurrence), so these.....

Oatmeal Raisin Muffins

are in my oven right now! I was in the mood for a muffins with oats in it....I have a thing with oats, and sometimes I just want something with oats in these use applesauce which I had been wanting to try out in recipes. I don't really have any love of raisins though, plus, I didn't have any, so they got left out, but hopefully they turn out good. :)

Ok, here are mine!
I love how these are so quick to whip up and bake...probably helps that they're mini muffins. Of course, I had to try one while they were still hot, so a little hard to tell too much about them, but they're definitely a very moist muffins and I like the chewiness of the oats. I definitely think I'll cut the baking powder in half next time though....I thought it was strange it called for that much, but I didn't want to vary on the recipe on the first attempt, but I think that much baking powder makes them a little bitter. Part of that might go away as they cool, but having less baking powder wouldn't hurt. They're not real sweet, but as long as you're keeping in mind they are a "more-healthy-for-you-muffins" then it shouldn't be a surprise. :) 
I definitely think I'll be making these again, just with some adjustments to see if I can improve the slight bitter taste, so I'll keep you all updated on those efforts. 
Oh, and the girls just grabbed themselves some and I haven't heard any complaints yet from them, so I guess they're passable from the kid perspective. :)

I think they'll go well with my smoothie.

And yes, my smoothie contains oats too. :) So yummy with oats, although you can't hardly tell they're in there. My smoothie usually contains:
-frozen strawberries
-frozen pineapples
-a little milk (I don't use too much because I like my smoothie to be a little thick to were I can eat it with a spoon)
-ground flax seed
Then I blend it all up and that's my lunch about half the time! The girls love it too, which I can't complain about, because they're getting lots of nutrition that way.
Of course, you can vary it however you want, but I like it this way....for two days I didn't have pineapples, so I had to use blueberries, and it was just not the same. Although blueberries are probably better for you then pineapples, I like my pineapple and strawberry blend the best. :)

Now it's time to go have one!

****Update: as a warning, these muffins definitely don't get better with time! I will let you know if I can make some improvements on them.