Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I haven't forgotten about my blog, but there seems to be a lot keeping me busy lately. Nothing real exciting, just the everyday happenings of a mom with two kids....one (Abigail) in the middle of being potty trained. Which I must say is going really well! We started about two weeks ago and after the first couple days I would forget to constantly be asking if she needed to use the potty and she would come to me and say she needed to. So I'm pretty happy with her progress, of course, we've had our share of accidents....one being that twice when Jacob or I raised our voices and it startled her she would have an accident and end up crying about it. So, I've tried to be careful about suddenly saying something when she's around. :) She's done really good when we've been out to church and stuff; I do put her in a pull-up on those occasions, but she's so thrilled about using all the different potties that she loves telling me she has to go! This past Sunday as we were pulling up to church I reminded her to let me know if she needed to go potty, to which she replied in surprise "do they have a potty?!" She usually has to remark about something in the bathroom too...I have no clue why, but lately it's been about the little trash cans so every time we go into a new bathroom she has to look for the trash cans and then talk about them! The part I really don't like....is the touching...why do they have to touch EVERYTHING! The wall, the door, the toilet...literally everything! I keep telling her that they are dirty and have germs.....*sigh* it doesn't seem to effect her. I guess I'm just used to going into a public bathroom and trying not to touch anything!
Bethany keeps telling me she wants to use the potty, but I have a feeling things would be a lot more difficult if I were to start training her right now, so we will give it a little more time. She does tell me constantly she has to go potty and I'll tell her she's still to young to potty train so she just needs to go in her diaper, to which she usually tells me "no!" I guess that's good that she doesn't want to go in her diaper, but I really think she needs more time before we get serious. I do need to start watching what I say to her, because lately every time I pick her up she pushes my cheeks together and tell me "chubby cheeks, chubby cheeks!" She's our little clown/entertainer and if Jacob and I are talking and start laughing she immediately starts laughing and then starts telling us some story! It's pretty cute when she'll randomly start dancing all crazy cause she wants us to laugh at her....it's works every time too!

Well, time has gotten away from me and the girls are up, so my day begins....hopefully soon I'll be able to post some pictures!