Thursday, June 24, 2010


Yes, I know I'm not the greatest blogger, but like a lot of things, I will get better as time goes by and the girls get a little better about not demanding as much of my time.....hopefully! I'm trying to work with them about letting me do a little reading....we're making slow progress, but I did finish one whole book and started on another, so not bad. Well, as long as I don't think about the fact that I used to be able to read a good sized book (something like 500+ pages) in one I'm limited to about an hour and a half of time while the girls nap and boy does it go by really fast! The girls went down for their nap a little later then normal or else I'd be out trying to get some sun....I'll have to do that tomorrow or else I'll be a white ghost in the middle of summer! Okay, not really, but I would feel like it! I'm loving getting to be outside more this year, the last two years I wasn't able to get out much due to the fact of just having had a baby, so this has been nice....other then the extreme hotness! I've noticed kids never seem to notice the heat. I wonder why that is....I mean lately it's been in the upper 90's with a heat index of over 100 and they still want to play outside and I have to force them to come back inside when their faces turn bright red from the heat! It's like they don't understand the concept of heat and that it means you should want to sit in the cool AC! At least we have a pool here and we can cool off some.

Oh, news update....we're probably getting a mini van this weekend! The jeep is needing to be upgraded so yesterday we were out test driving some mini vans and I think Jacob will be doing some more test driving later today. We're looking to buy a new one; Jacob wants one that will last us awhile, but they also cost a pretty penny (I wish they only cost a penny!)...they have some pretty awesome mini vans though and Jacob wants one with the DVD players in it for the girls! I'm excited about that since that will keep them entertained on our long drives...well, it will keep Abigail entertained; Bethany is still facing backwards and hasn't discovered that movies are fun to watch. So, that's the latest and greatest of the happenings around here, other then Jacob didn't have to work today and it's always nice to have him home!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hospital Hill Half Marathon.....I Did It!

Here we are after the race in our new shirts!

I'm so sorry it's taken me awhile to tell you all about the race....a nasty cold decided to attack all of us last Sunday/Monday (right after the race) so we were rather out of commission last week and spent a lot of time laying around sleeping and watching The Office and Shrek (Abigail's latest favorite). Jacob also missed all week of work, except for Monday, and I didn't run at felt so weird and I felt so out of shape and fat for not running! Funny how that works, but I guess I haven't not run all week since back in February before I started running....seems like a lot longer ago then 4 months ago.

Ok.....THE MARATHON and all that fun stuff! We got to Kansas City early afternoon and met up with my mom and sisters at the was definitely a ritzy hotel....the water bottles in the room were $4! Needless to say we didn't use any! :) We all went down to the Crown Center and picked up out packets....bib number, shirt, hat, sample stuff and all that jazz.....then we just checked out all the little stores and got all nervous looking at all the people that had come to pick up packets making the fact that we were going to be racing the very next morning a little more real! My mom and sisters offered to watch the girls so that Jacob and I could go out to dinner, which was really nice of them, especially since Bethany doesn't like it when I leave her so she cries a lot. It was nice for Jacob and I to be able to get away for a little while and we even got to walk around the shops and just hold hands and not have to worry about carrying two kids or keeping track of them. Right before we headed down to the start line!

We all tried to get to bed early since we were getting up around 5:30am.....I don't think anyone had any trouble getting up since we were all a little nervous! We got down to the start line around 6:30am and it was already HOT! It was quite the racing, hilly and long! I started out too fast and got dehydrated, but I was able to finish, which for my first half marathon was all that I was wanting. Jacob was holding out his hand for me right before I crossed the finish line!

I had hoped for better time, but with the combination of hills and dehydration my time was slower than when I had run my 14 miles two weeks yeah, that stunk, but I would do it again because it felt so good to accomplish something like that! The only disappointing thing, was for the last 3 miles I had been thinking about the chocolate milk at the end of the race....well, I cross the finish line, got my medal and a cold wet towel (which felt AMAZING!) and went down the line of drinks, bananas and snacks to find that there was no REAL chocolate milk! They had some Myoplex chocolate cream, but after trying one drink of that and finding it to be disgusting I threw it away....why would they have something that tasted like that to hand out....I mean really, real chocolate milk taste sooo much better and probably would have been a lot cheaper! So, yes we were all disappointed about the chocolate milk issue, but other people people were too so maybe next year they will fix it and go back to having real chocolate milk. :)

We were all hot, sweaty, stiff and sore, but really happy with ourselves too! The medals were pretty cool looking....makes me want to run more races so I can get medals and t-shirts! :) It really was a lot fun to get to do a race with my mom and two of my sisters and hopefully we can run a lot more together in the future....and at some point have all of us girls running races together!