Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Back To A Routine

The goings on around here have been about the same....hmmm....which I suppose is good, I kind of needed things to slow down and get back into a routine. I'm getting into a pretty good "workout in the mornings" routine....definitely about time I did that! It feels really good to be working out and feeling a little better about myself...this is my 2nd week doing P90X and I can already tell a difference. Jacob started doing it with me this week, which is nice and makes it much more fun to do...we end up laughing a lot! :) Of course, he wants to do the yoga (UGH!), but it must be good for me, so if he wants to do it I'll do it with him...it will be better doing it with someone else....I think....I hope! Tomorrow is yoga day, but he's probably going to be leaving in the morning to help do some things for his granddad, so if that's the case, I'm going to skip the yoga and do cardio instead. :D Yes, the cardio is an option if you don't want to do certain things...like yoga...and I've never done the cardio disk, so it will be interesting to see what it's like. Hmmm....other then working out I haven't been doing too much. Jacob's grandma has been staying with his parents the past week so I've been spending a little more time upstairs visiting and letting the girls spend time with her. She's his grandma on the Close side and I like her a lot...she's always been friendly and nice towards me, whereas some of the family on Jacob's mom's side of the family take a little more warming up so they come across as less friendly. I think they've finally all accepted me though so that's a nice feeling! :)

Abigail took control of Bethany's play phone...she looks pretty intense about it too. :)
Now for "silly time" with the babies!
Bethany was being the princess for this picture....she's a perfectly cute little princess too! :) Unfortunately, these are the only pictures I have to post, due to the fact that I can't find the battery charger for the camera and of course I didn't realize it was missing till the battery died and when I went to get the spare battery it was dead too. So, I have got to find the charger...I need to put that as my #1 thing to do because until I find it I can't even take pictures of the girls...I have no clue where it is either because I don't think I've used it down here yet and I have no idea where I would have put it. I believe I have been slowly losing my brain ever since having kids....hmmm, I wonder if that's normal or just me! :)

Friday, January 22, 2010

Jacob With His Little Girls

I think this is such a cute picture! Abigail loves "reading" books and Bethany is getting a little better about actually sitting there and not constantly trying to put the book in her mouth...of course she did have her doll so that helped! I love watching the girls with Jacob....Bethany has really bonded with him and gets so excited when she sees him! She's always trying to reach for him so he'll hold her and if he says anything to Abigail she has to try to get his attention so he'll look at her...it's so funny! Yep, definitely a daddy's girl! Hmmm....our red wall looks good as a background for pictures...I'll have to remember that! Or at least I think so, I'm no expert when it comes to photography, but I think it looks good! :)The girls love these porcelain persian cats that Jacob's mom has...the only thing is keeping them from breaking them....so, they don't play with them very often! Oh, and I just have to bring to attention how good-looking Jacob looks in this picture....yep, I love him sooo much and he knows it! Alrighty then, back to pictures............. :) At some point she'll keep something in her hair.....I hope. Whenever I put something in her hair she tells me that "daddy thinks it's pretty" (that's what I would always tell her so she would keep it in), but then she usually takes it out a few minutes later and then when I catch her at it she repeats that "daddy thinks it's pretty" and brings it to me to put back in her hair....then we repeat it all again! One of Abigail's favorite things to do is have Jacob (or me) draw circles, triangles, etc on the carpet with our finger and then tell her to sit or stand in the circle and so on. One day Jacob had a lot of fun making circles for her to stand in and then making a triangle (a little in front of her) and telling her to put her head in it! They had a lot of fun doing that and this picture I took when Abigail got off balance after attempting to put her feet, head and hands everywhere Jacob would draw circles...they both thought it was pretty funny too!
She loves her daddy so much!Bethany loves her daddy....and rides on his head! :) She likes his hair a lot too, but I don't blame her because I really like Jacob's hair (it's really soft!) and he's enjoying not having to get it cut, every other week or so, for the military.
Yes, Abigail already plays PS2 with daddy and grandpa! Ok, not really, but she does like to have her own controller so she feels like she's playing with them...it's pretty cute. She's actually figured out though that hers isn't hooked up so she usually wants to switch with Jacob! :) Here they are again...the PS2 couch zombies! :) Even Abigail looks to be getting into it, especially in the first picture! The game they're playing I actually really enjoy playing and watching so it don't mind it too much. :) Champions of Norrath....the first PS2 game I ever played. Jacob and I played it on our honeymoon since he was sick and we couldn't go out very much and then we played it for a couple months....till my "lizard" started getting better then Jacob's "wizard"! :D It was a lot of fun and I still give Jacob a hard time about it!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Once again it's been a week since my last post....I won't say it'll be the last time that happens, but I will try and I think it's suppose to be a little bit of a slower week so hopefully that will mean I will have more time to post. Never know with two little girls to keep me on the run...I also started P90X which I squeeze in whenever I find time...usually in the morning before the girls wake up (it can be hard to determine that sometimes though). Today was my 3rd day doing it and I'm enjoying getting some exercise in besides the usual of chasing down a child! I've also decided today that I greatly dislike yoga (seeing how today was yoga)...I've done it before but it's been awhile and I was pregnant when I did do it....pregnant or not, it is not my thing. I would probably do any other kind of exercise if it meant I didn't have to do yoga...yoga days are going to be days I dread from now on...and I promise I started it thinking positively (didn't do much good though after about 1 minute)! I think it's mostly because it's really slow and drawn out and I have a hard time with that (never been real good at the holding still thing) and I don't find it very relaxing at all because I get bored with it....ok, it is hard too, but the other days exercise programs are hard too and I don't mind them, so I still think it has more to do with it being slow and drawn out! :) Its almost 2 hours long too; I mean really that's crazy! "Now....slowly....go....down....into.....the....runners.....pose....and....hold....for....an....eternity!" Ok, not really, well just the last part isn't true, the guy really does talk that slow or slower for sure though! I will continue doing it simply because I know it's suppose to be good for me....but....if anyone knows otherwise please tell me, I'd be glad for the advice! Hopefully doing this P90X will get me a little more prepared for when I start running as soon as the weather is warm enough for the girls to be outside...I hope by March. I'm really wanting to run a half marathon in June with hopefully my mom and a couple of my sisters, but we'll see....I think it would be a lot of fun! I used to run, but I probably haven't really ran much in 3 years, so kind of a long time. I might try at least running a couple days a week while Jacob doesn't have work (so he can watch the girls) because I don't know if 3 months will be long enough to get ready for a half marathon...especially considering I haven't ran in forever! Even if I don't end up running the marathon, it'll still be a good way to get motivated and get back into running...make me feel better about myself after having 2 babies too! :)

The activities tonight included: Abigail emptying out the toys in the box and then thinking it's pretty fun to sit in the box (I wish she would keep something in her hair!). They both look pretty ornery in this picture and Bethany "on the outside of the box" didn't last long either! :)

Barely, but yes, they both fit in the box and they seem pretty happy about it too!
Then it was kissing time...at least on Abigail's part! :)
Then Bethany had enough and wanted to get out....Abigail looks pretty pleased about the fact too....hmmm.
I guess she needed to try it out for sleeping space or maybe she wanted to imitate her daddy!
He's had to get up the past couple of mornings really early so he got cozy with the baby blanket and took a little nap! :)
The "pulling up to everything stage" has begun or maybe I should call it the "bumps, bangs and bruises stage"! It's gotta be one of the worse stages because they always get hurt, but they just keep doing it over and over again. Its cute though, especially when she's pulling up to me, smiling and trying to talk the whole time!

I have more pictures and more to say, but both will have to wait till next time!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Just Stuff...And Pictures!

It's been like a week since my last post...I know, it's horrible, but I did make 130 truffles today! Yeah, not bad if I do say so myself, but I still have to dip them all in chocolate tomorrow so I'm not all the way finished...dipping them in the chocolate is a lot easier then the crumbling up the cake (which I do think is fun!), mixing in the icing and then rolling it all into balls. Oh, and yes, I did make them much smaller so hopefully they'll be as good as they were when they were bigger! :) So, I've been keeping myself busy...even if it's just keeping things clean after two munchkins...which is definitely a full time job. :) We've had company twice in our new "living space", which has been nice, but has also kept me pretty busy with cleaning and cooking. We're having another little "get-together" on Saturday and that is what all the truffles are for....ok, well not all of them because I'm going to save a bunch for when my family comes by on Sunday. I'm really excited about them getting to come too! They haven't seen our place (other then in pictures) so I'm looking forward to showing it off, and even more, getting to see them all again. I'm fixing dinner too...I think it'll be the first time I've ever fixed dinner for all of them! Of course, its not quite as nice since I'll have to go upstairs to do any of the cooking...one of the reasons I can't wait to have my own kitchen! It would be nice if I could remember to take some pictures while they're all here so I can post pictures...which reminds me, I better remember to take pictures on Saturday too. While we're on the topic of pictures........Yep, it's pretty impossible to get a good picture of the three cousins with them all looking and no "helping hands" in the way (which is my fault). Paige (left side) looks adorable in this picture though. :) My grandma (Nanny) got all the little cousins matching dresses for Christmas so we were trying to get a picture....we tried multiple times actually!Bethany knows what do when she sees a camera. :) Abigail must be watching the other kids play. Kinda' looks like she's saying cheese! I love that smile of hers though...she is soo silly! She's finally smiling nicely for a picture and I had to take a blurry picture...I have no skills with the camera...it's still a good picture of Abigail though!
Bethany loves her Uncle Nathan! He is a pretty awesome uncle and brother! :) I can't wait for the girls to get to see all of them on Sunday....its always so much fun and, especially Abigail, loves playing with all of them....she'll love showing off her new room too!

So, one of the most important accomplishments of this week was Bethany slept through the night!!!! It was wonderful, of course, I still was up a couple times in awe that I still had not had to get up and feed her, but that was much better then being up for at least 30 minutes to feed her. We've been having to let her cry the past couple of nights due to the fact that she had decided that she would get up an hour after I put her to bed and want to play for 3-4 hours. Yeah, not happening! The first night she cried for about an hour (on and off, since Jacob sang to her for awhile), then last night it was only for about 30 minutes (she slept through the night after that!) and then tonight she only cried for about 5 maybe 10 minutes. Hopefully real soon there won't be any crying and, I'm not getting my heart set on it, but hopefully she'll sleep through the night again tonight....we'll see though. :)

Here's a picture of my Jacob....getting ready to "shoot himself a rabbit!"
I'm a pretty lucky girl to have such a wonderful and handsome guy love me....almost as much as I love him! :D

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Christmas Day Pictures

It's snowing! Personally I'm hoping for a lot, but they've already lowered the amount to 1-3 inches compared to the 3-5 inches earlier. :( I'm still hoping for enough to go sledding in since it'll be the first winter in 2 years that I won't be pregnant....ok, I still went sledding a couple times last winter, but it doesn't really count since I was pregnant and only went twice down the hill because I was trying to be "careful". :) This year I'm going sledding as much as I possibly can with two babies....so....it will probably be less then last year! Ok, hopefully that won't be the truth, but it does feel like I don't always get to do as much now that I'm constantly having to do something with my girls...like changing diapers every few minutes. Seriously, a couple days ago I changed about 5 diapers in about 10 minutes, so pretty much for 10 minutes I was just changing diapers....kind of gets old. :)

Alrighty then....on to some pictures of the girls opening their presents on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!
Yep, who says you can't open presents with your teeth.....or gums,in her case....or maybe she's trying to lick the paper off!

Hmmm....opening presents can be pretty hard work I guess! :)

At least one of them is excited about opening presents!

"Umm, Daddy, I can open presents by myself!"

She found the little mirror and was pretty fascinated by what she saw!

Bethany's very first baby doll!

Abigail with her new purse and cell phone....and Bethany's new doll....yeah, it wasn't exactly a quiet process to get her to understand that it wasn't her doll. :) Things are never dull or quiet with a 1 year old, but it can be funny at times so that makes up for the times that its not! I have fun having a little girl that I can paint her toe nails to match mine and she sits perfectly still because she likes having her nails painted to "look like mommy's toes!" It'll be even more fun when Bethany can have her nails painted too...then we'll all three have matching toes. :)

Of course Abigail sits stiller while getting her toes painted then holding still for a picture...oh well, you can at least get an idea of our Christmas toes!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Finished Basement & Yummy Truffles!

Yes, I really am back! I've been wanting to get back to posting, but things have been pretty hectic....ok, well I guess that shouldn't be anything new considering the fact I have two babies and things will probably always be slightly on the hectic side. It will help that we're finally starting to get back into a routine after moving into the newly redone basement! Yippee! Yes, I'm very happy to be down here finally...Jacob did a beautiful job on it and I'm loving it....we all are!

It's so nice to have our things back, especially our bed and couches that we haven't gotten to use in a year! The "fire place" (heater) is a really nice addition from Jacob's parents for us, as a Christmas gift, and it looks nice in our living room too!

Jacob did an amazing job on Abigail's room...the design and colors were all his idea and he did it all himself...pretty impressive and Abigail loves it! We also got her her first "real bed" and she thinks that's pretty neat...so far she's only had one spanking for getting out of bed when it was bedtime so she's done a lot better then I thought, which is a relief!
The kitchen area is on hold for the time being till we have more of an income, but so far it hasn't been too bad....I'm just thrilled to have our own living space. We got to spend our first night down here Christmas Eve. We hadn't planned on it since we were suppose to go down to my family on Christmas Eve and spend 4 or 5 days with them, but when one of them came down sick we kind of had to change our plans. The good thing about it was we got to spend the night down here and then have the girls open their presents in our new living space Christmas morning, which was fun and I will be posting lots...and lots....of pictures soon! :) We did end up getting to go down to my family's house later on Christmas Day, which I was happy about...I had been planning and getting so excited about us all being together for the first time since two of my sisters and myself have been married. We had an awesome time, but that's not a surprise because my family always has a fun time no matter what...oh and I was able to bring all my goodies! I only got pictures of my truffles though and they aren't the best pictures either...sorry, it was pretty late. I was really excited about them though...I thought they turned out pretty good for my first time making truffles!
Cookie Dough Truffles, Cake Truffles and Oreo Truffles!

These are the oreo truffles...I thought they turned out pretty and they were yummy too!

These are the AMAZING white cake truffles...and yes, I was a little messy in making these. They truly were amazing though...they were everyone's favorite, of the desserts I made, and they were sooo easy to make too! The only thing I did wrong (on all the truffles) was making them too big...they probably needed to be at least half the size, but for whatever reason I thought they needed to be much bigger. So, that's the only thing that I will try differently next time I make them...and yes, I'll be making the cake ones again very soon!

I would love to write more, but it'll have to wait till my next post. Before I go though...here's some pictures of my girls!

I have to post this next one because it's so funny....she's such a silly baby!
I hope everyone had a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS & A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!