Friday, August 31, 2012

Picture Moments

I was looking back at pictures from April and because I hadn't been blogging regularly I realized that I hadn't posted some pictures. 

We'll start off with some Bethany Moments:

 I took all of these telling her to smile.....with Bethany this is usually as good as it gets. You would have thought I would have gotten at least one of her "actually" smiling, but no, these were all I was able to get....with the exception of a couple with her head turned.

I love you Jacob! You look really good even though our child refuses to get a normal picture. :)

Yes, the poor kitty had to get dragged into the picture too....thankfully she doesn't seem to mind Bethany and usually just hangs there limply until Bethany puts her down. The crazy thing is that the cat will come right back to Bethany every time....either cats really don't have much of a memory or she just doesn't care!

And then there is Abigail....smiling so sweetly. I think you can see the differences in their personalities pretty good in this last picture. :)

 It might be a fee days before my next post, but no worries, I will be back next week with hopefully lots of pictures and updates on my prenatal visit.

We're off to the farm today for the weekend.....

 Enjoy your weekend, everyone!