Thursday, September 6, 2012

Random Thursday

Yes, last week is was random Wednesday, but this week I changed know, it is my blog so I am allowed to do it that way. :)

First off....

The girls are whispering again while they're playing in the living that cool or what?! :) I don't know why they do it, but I absolutely love it! Of course, it is funny when their toys start arguing, but they do it all in a whisper....for kids that must take a lot of extra effort!

I really do love it when they play so good makes having had them 13 months apart so worth it since they are close enough in age they get along pretty well. It will be interesting to see how baby girl #3 fits in with them.

Speaking of her, we've pretty much decided on a name, so I might as well start making sure everyone knows and start using it when I refer to her!

So, we've settled on.....Ella Violet

For those of you who don't know, we've used flower names for middle names, so we figured we'd least for now. I liked Gabriella, but Jacob said since we were going to call her Ella we might as well just use it as her actual that's what we're going to do! :)

Here's the meanings out of The Perfect Name book:
Ella - German: All, complete. English: A beautiful fairy woman.
And of course, Violet just means a lovely purple flower. :)

We're looking forward to meeting little miss Ella in about 4 months and seeing what she looks like!

I also keep thinking about the fact that I'm going to want a clean house when she decides to make her appearance. Unfortunately, since you never know when they're going to decide to come, I have a feeling that the whole month of December will be spent constantly cleaning just to insure that when she does come everything is clean. I don't remember ever really thinking that with the other girls, but with Abigail my mom came and she cleaned the apartment before we got home from the hospital, and then with Bethany I was living with my Dad and Mom (since Jacob was on his deployment) so of course, Mom always has a clean house. :) I guess I feel it more this time since I'm going to be having the baby here in our house, so I'm going to want it clean, plus I might not be up for cleaning too much for awhile after just having had a baby.

So, yes, that's a random thought that I've had about the month of December....hope you enjoyed it! :)

Another random thing: the fire alarm just went off...and since it's right over the laptop it's quite loud. It does that at random times as a test, but it's quite creepy...especially when it announces(after beeping loudly multiple times) that zero carbon monoxide was found in basement. Whew, what a relief....but how on earth does it know this is a basement?! I guess it must be programmed to know that, but about creepy!

And the last random thing for today.....
Bethany announced last night that she wanted a pet "dead" squirrel! Yuck, why a dead one?! Don't ask me why cause I really don't know why she would say that, but enjoy that last little tidbit! :)