Monday, August 20, 2012

So Much to Write About!

Yes, it has been forever since I've been on here, but during the summer it seems more practical to be enjoying the outside. Plus, the girls want to spend almost all their time outside, including eating all their meals in their play house, so it requires me to be where I can seem them. Maybe someday I will have a window overlooking the backyard where I can type away while keeping an eye on the girls....that will be nice! :)

In other news, little girl #3 is on the way!  
Yep, sometime around the New Year she'll be making her grand appearance. I'm somewhere between 19 and 21 weeks along, and she is a very active kicking and moving little girl. When we went to our ultrasound last week I was telling Jacob that she must be jumping on my bladder because I kept feeling like I needed to use the bathroom. Well, sure enough, we get there and start the ultrasound to see her in an upright position kicking, at least I had a good excuse for having Jacob stop so I could use the bathroom(which was barely 20 min. after I had just gone when we left the house), plus having to use the bathroom as soon as we got to the office! :)

Something that has bothered me some, is the fact that so many people think that having 3 girls in a row is such a big deal, or that they need to ask if we're disappointed that its not a boy. Yes, having a boy would be nice at some point, but you know what....a baby is a gift from God no matter the gender. There are so many people that have difficulty getting pregnant, have multiple miscarriages, issues that involve the pregnancy or the health of the baby, that just to know that God has blessed us with what seems to be a healthy girl and a pregnancy that has been normal, what more could we ask for? It's so easy for people to just care about whether they have an even amount of girls and boys, or just boys, or just girls, but I love my girls and I'm just as happy that this one is a girl as I would be if it was a boy. People can want or wish for their ideals, but God has a plan for each and everyone one of us, and that includes this little baby girl!
I liked Jacob's thoughts on having another girl...."I guess God must think I'm so manly that I need to be surrounded by beautiful girls!" Yes, Jacob's going to have one more little girl that adores him. :) 
I will admit that my one complaint with having another girl was how am I and three little girls going to fit into a bathroom stall!!! I thought it was difficult enough to try and squeeze into a public bathroom stall with two girls, while trying to keep them from touching anything...yep, I'm in trouble now! I generally try to use the handicap stall, but sometimes there aren't any, or they're otherwise occupied....I guess in that case I'll be taking them to the bathroom in shifts. :)

Well, I hope to be a little more consistent with my blogging, but no promises!