Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Random Wednesday....

Yes, I'm seriously thinking of having a random post at least once a know those times you just have a lot of randomness floating around in your head....well, sometimes it's just nice to get it all out. :) So, enjoy!

I'm trying to figure out how to use Pandora, it's been handy for while I'm working out or doing those boring chores like folding laundry and cleaning. I still have trouble actually picking individual songs I want to hear, but it's nice to turn it on and have it just play various songs that are all similar in style. Definitely a good way to discover new favorites.


I just heard this from the living room: "Wow, I just about broke my brain!" Yes, that was Bethany....I don't know what to say other then I hope she makes it past her rough and tumble childhood. 

Speaking of Bethany, the other day I told the girls we needed to go outside so they could burn off some energy...her response: "Yay, we get to go outside and get more energy!" Oh boy, that was not what I was hoping would happen by sending them out to burn off excess energy....although sometimes I feel like it does the opposite of what I hope for.

Another "new" things the girls have decided to do is try to bribe each be more exact they try to bribe each other with their piggy banks! Yep, I had put the girls to bed and Abigail wanted music on and Bethany didn't...a usual argument so I usually do music every other night so they both are part-way happy. Well, I could tell they were talking in their room, but I couldn't tell what they were saying, then all of a sudden Bethany announces she wanted music on! I went into their room.....

Me: "You do, I thought you didn't want music on?"
Bethany: "I do want music, Abigail said she would give me her piggy bank if I wanted the music on!" 

So, we had to have a little talk about bribing someone......we're still working on that though since I still hear an occasional "I'll give you my piggy bank." *Sigh* 


I made Chicken Divine a couple days ago. I love that stuff! I know it's probably not the healthiest meal you could make, but boy is it good and pretty easy to make. I hadn't made it in awhile so it brought back memories of when Jacob and I first got married. It was one of the first things I made for Jacob and it was also what I made if we were having anyone over for the first time....everyone always liked it.

 Oh yummy...I need to make it more often! I guess the main reason I hadn't made it in awhile was because with Jacob working all summer in the heat he didn't usually want to come home to a hot meal. Now that he's back to school though I feel like I can make some of these casseroles I like so much. :) If you've never had Chicken Divine you should give it a's good, I promise!