Thursday, August 23, 2012

Abigail & Bethany

I've been saying I will post pictures of the girls, so here I am finally doing that! It seems though, that taking (or should I say "getting") good pictures of the girls is getting harder and harder to do....maybe my lack of photography skills is lacking as well, but it does seem like the girls try "too" hard to smile for pictures. You can see for yourselves though.......

Can you get any cheesier, Abigail?!

A little too intense for just a picture, Bethany!

Ok, so I did get some pretty good pictures of them too, but about half of the pictures I get turn out looking like the top two!
Silly, but cute.
My 4 year-old Abigail!
My 3 year-old Bethany!
Yes, the best picture I got of Bethany, by herself, was with a chicken....go figure. She definitely is happiest when she's chasing down chickens or carry them around! Most of the time the chickens just put up with it as best they can, and for the most part she's good about not squeezing them too hard. :)
They can definitely be pretty sweet when they want to!
I love you girls!