Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Houses & Bathrooms

Lately I've been thinking a lot about someday having our own house.

 Ok, so it probably won't look like that, and I'll be so excited when Jacob and I can finally start looking for a house that I'll probably be happy with anything! Alright, "anything" might be stretching it, but it will be nice to be at the point where we can actually have our own house.

For those of you that don't know, we are living in my in-law's basement that my husband totally remodeled into a fully functioning apartment. The reason for living here was so that my husband could work with his dad during the summer and also go to school here at a community college to get ready to transfer down to Missouri S&T.

Jacob has done an amazing job with the basement, including redoing the bathroom so that I would have a bathtub for the girls.

Here's some before picture....

Where the bathtub will go.
This is already after some improvements.
All done.....

Look at all that extra space that had been wasted behind the wall!
 It's a beautiful bathroom now and I need to get a newer picture now that I have stuff on the shelves and it looks a little less bare! You get the idea though....Jacob does an amazing job when redoing stuff, so I know wherever we live he'll make it beautiful!

For now though, I just look at pictures of houses and think about how nice it'll be when we have one all to ourselves.
log homes
I love the look of this living room, other then the TV.
I'm kind of partial to the log home look....if you didn't see that yet. :) 

Oh, and looking at pictures of houses has got to be more healthy then looking at pictures of hot chocolate!