Friday, April 6, 2012

Picture Catch-Up

This picture makes me want to get out and do some more hiking/walking. It was taken at the Washington State Park near here...strange name for a park in Missouri! :) It has some pretty nice hiking trails and some beautiful scenery...even for winter time.
I believe this will be rather a random post of mainly pictures that have been taken in the last couple of months....think of it as catch-up in pictures, then maybe it won't be too random! :)Jacob had been going through some of his military clothes and the girls thought it would be fun to wear his hats....don't ask me why Bethany is making that strange expression...understanding her is sometimes difficult for me. And yes, we were listening to the Piano Guys on YouTube. :)
Who doesn't like to drive? The girls are no exception. While we were waiting for Jacob they thought it was highly entertaining to take turns buckling themselves in and pretending to was pretty cute! :)
The girls loved opening presents at Christmas time, and Bethany was totally thrilled when her Uncle Nathan got a purse too! Her own words when she saw him open his present containing an emergency bag for his car were: "You got a purse just like me!" I know the quality of the picture isn't so great, but I had to post it! :)
I hope you enjoyed the that I've caught up on some stuff, pictures of the girl's new haircuts will be coming soon!