Monday, August 27, 2012

Hurry Up Fall Weather!

Can I just say I'm ready for fall! I know a lot of people start saying that around this time of the year, but I don't know that I've ever said it. I mean, I like fall just fine, but normally I'm sad to see the summer go because then it'll be winter soon. 

Not this year though! 

I'm sure it's partly due to the fact that I'm just wanting the time to go by faster so that we can see little baby girl #3, but I'm also just really ready for the cooler weather so we can have bonfires, cuddle up under blankets while reading or watching movies, and having hot chocolate!

I mean really, I have some hot chocolate and hot drink recipes to try out, so hurry up cooler weather! :)

Snow Cocoa.....doesn't that look good!

Snow Cocoa: Ingredients -  2 cups whipping cream  6 cups milk, 1 tsp vanilla extract  12 oz pkge white chocolate chips.  Directions -  Combine all ingredients in a slow cooker.  Heat on low for 2-2 1/2 hours or until chocolate is melted and mixture is hot.  Stir well to blend.

Or Cookie Dough Cocoa....Wow, I think I died and went to heaven! I seriously have a "thing" with anything cookie just can't go wrong with cookie dough. It's so good I probably gain weight just thinking about it! Great, now I want cookie dough.....I should go exercise just for thinking about it.
915 CookieDough Cocoa Cookie Dough Cocoa
 Mmmm, now all I want to do is look at the picture and drool.....

....I wonder if you lose any weight by drooling. Alright, maybe you don't, but looking at it has got to be healthier than drinking it!

Ok, so as much as I would like to drink hot chocolate and stuff every day during the winter, I usually don't end up drinking that much of it....mostly because I end up thinking of how fattening it is, and this winter will be worse since I'm pregnant. So, I'll definitely give these a try, but I'll probably have to limit myself and not get too carried away with making every yummy recipe I see.'ll be so tempting though. *Sigh* The joys of being a girl with a slow metabolism.

Well, now that I have you all thinking of cookie dough cocoa and cooler weather, I hope you have a wonderful rest of the day!

.......and don't stare at the picture too long, it really can't be that healthy for your eye sight!