Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Back To A Routine

The goings on around here have been about the same....hmmm....which I suppose is good, I kind of needed things to slow down and get back into a routine. I'm getting into a pretty good "workout in the mornings" routine....definitely about time I did that! It feels really good to be working out and feeling a little better about myself...this is my 2nd week doing P90X and I can already tell a difference. Jacob started doing it with me this week, which is nice and makes it much more fun to do...we end up laughing a lot! :) Of course, he wants to do the yoga (UGH!), but it must be good for me, so if he wants to do it I'll do it with him...it will be better doing it with someone else....I think....I hope! Tomorrow is yoga day, but he's probably going to be leaving in the morning to help do some things for his granddad, so if that's the case, I'm going to skip the yoga and do cardio instead. :D Yes, the cardio is an option if you don't want to do certain things...like yoga...and I've never done the cardio disk, so it will be interesting to see what it's like. Hmmm....other then working out I haven't been doing too much. Jacob's grandma has been staying with his parents the past week so I've been spending a little more time upstairs visiting and letting the girls spend time with her. She's his grandma on the Close side and I like her a lot...she's always been friendly and nice towards me, whereas some of the family on Jacob's mom's side of the family take a little more warming up so they come across as less friendly. I think they've finally all accepted me though so that's a nice feeling! :)

Abigail took control of Bethany's play phone...she looks pretty intense about it too. :)
Now for "silly time" with the babies!
Bethany was being the princess for this picture....she's a perfectly cute little princess too! :) Unfortunately, these are the only pictures I have to post, due to the fact that I can't find the battery charger for the camera and of course I didn't realize it was missing till the battery died and when I went to get the spare battery it was dead too. So, I have got to find the charger...I need to put that as my #1 thing to do because until I find it I can't even take pictures of the girls...I have no clue where it is either because I don't think I've used it down here yet and I have no idea where I would have put it. I believe I have been slowly losing my brain ever since having kids....hmmm, I wonder if that's normal or just me! :)


Micah said...

believe me, brain loss is NORMAL! If not, you and I are very abnormal moms :). Love the pics. Just saw an add for your workout, was wondering how good it was. I can't seem to get into a routine with one. Nice catching up.