Friday, January 22, 2010

Jacob With His Little Girls

I think this is such a cute picture! Abigail loves "reading" books and Bethany is getting a little better about actually sitting there and not constantly trying to put the book in her mouth...of course she did have her doll so that helped! I love watching the girls with Jacob....Bethany has really bonded with him and gets so excited when she sees him! She's always trying to reach for him so he'll hold her and if he says anything to Abigail she has to try to get his attention so he'll look at's so funny! Yep, definitely a daddy's girl! Hmmm....our red wall looks good as a background for pictures...I'll have to remember that! Or at least I think so, I'm no expert when it comes to photography, but I think it looks good! :)The girls love these porcelain persian cats that Jacob's mom has...the only thing is keeping them from breaking, they don't play with them very often! Oh, and I just have to bring to attention how good-looking Jacob looks in this picture....yep, I love him sooo much and he knows it! Alrighty then, back to pictures............. :) At some point she'll keep something in her hair.....I hope. Whenever I put something in her hair she tells me that "daddy thinks it's pretty" (that's what I would always tell her so she would keep it in), but then she usually takes it out a few minutes later and then when I catch her at it she repeats that "daddy thinks it's pretty" and brings it to me to put back in her hair....then we repeat it all again! One of Abigail's favorite things to do is have Jacob (or me) draw circles, triangles, etc on the carpet with our finger and then tell her to sit or stand in the circle and so on. One day Jacob had a lot of fun making circles for her to stand in and then making a triangle (a little in front of her) and telling her to put her head in it! They had a lot of fun doing that and this picture I took when Abigail got off balance after attempting to put her feet, head and hands everywhere Jacob would draw circles...they both thought it was pretty funny too!
She loves her daddy so much!Bethany loves her daddy....and rides on his head! :) She likes his hair a lot too, but I don't blame her because I really like Jacob's hair (it's really soft!) and he's enjoying not having to get it cut, every other week or so, for the military.
Yes, Abigail already plays PS2 with daddy and grandpa! Ok, not really, but she does like to have her own controller so she feels like she's playing with's pretty cute. She's actually figured out though that hers isn't hooked up so she usually wants to switch with Jacob! :) Here they are again...the PS2 couch zombies! :) Even Abigail looks to be getting into it, especially in the first picture! The game they're playing I actually really enjoy playing and watching so it don't mind it too much. :) Champions of Norrath....the first PS2 game I ever played. Jacob and I played it on our honeymoon since he was sick and we couldn't go out very much and then we played it for a couple months....till my "lizard" started getting better then Jacob's "wizard"! :D It was a lot of fun and I still give Jacob a hard time about it!