Monday, February 1, 2010

Roses & Love

Jacob is good to me in so many ways and the other day he surprised me with flowers "just because". He does things like that a yesterday he bought me a Snuggie because I hate wearing socks so my feet are always cold and I'm usually cold whenever we're sitting around watching movies or reading. So, now I have a leopard print snuggie....I had seen all the advertisements/commercials for them, but didn't think much about them....I love mine though! It's really comfortable and lightweight...perfect for sitting on the couch reading a book or cuddling with Jacob while watching a movie. :) I haven't gotten a picture of it yet (I'll try to do that sometime) but I do have more pictures of my flowers. :) I love the white lilies! I don't think I used to like them that much, or at least I hadn't seen enough of them to know I liked them, but I really think they're pretty and they last for quite awhile too. Of course, I love the red roses can't go wrong with roses no matter what the color....or at least that's what I think. Even colors I don't normally like I like when it's the color of a rose....roses just make any color pretty! I try to dry every rose Jacob gives me, so these roses are already drying to then add to my basket of roses that Jacob has given me.
My wedding bouquet is in there too (I thought I had a better picture, sorry) and I believe almost every rose Jacob has given me....I think there was a few that got to the point beyond drying before I realized it. They even survived being stuffed in a cabinet (just as they are) and being driven across Kansas in a U-haul and then being packed into a storage unit for almost a year....they don't look bad considering the facts! :) I know they won't last forever, but I think it's neat to have that many of the roses Jacob has gotten me....especially the half dozen that he gave me the day he asked me to marry him....I can still pick those roses out. They were the biggest roses I had ever seen! I wish I had gotten a picture of them the day he got them for me because they were beautiful! I actually have a picture of one of them because I held one of them when we got a picture together, that we later used as our engagement picture, but you can't really see how big the rose is in the picture........This was the day after Jacob asked me to marry him! I love him so much and I keep loving him more and know, that's a really good feeling to be so in love with someone and know they love you just as much back. I love you Jacob even more than the day you asked me to marry you!


Micah said...

this was so sweet. i'm so glad you're saving the roses, and so happy you're blessed with such a wonderful husband!

Hannah said...

I'm glad you liked it and I am truly blessed to have Jacob in my life!