Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Christmas Day Pictures

It's snowing! Personally I'm hoping for a lot, but they've already lowered the amount to 1-3 inches compared to the 3-5 inches earlier. :( I'm still hoping for enough to go sledding in since it'll be the first winter in 2 years that I won't be pregnant....ok, I still went sledding a couple times last winter, but it doesn't really count since I was pregnant and only went twice down the hill because I was trying to be "careful". :) This year I'm going sledding as much as I possibly can with two will probably be less then last year! Ok, hopefully that won't be the truth, but it does feel like I don't always get to do as much now that I'm constantly having to do something with my changing diapers every few minutes. Seriously, a couple days ago I changed about 5 diapers in about 10 minutes, so pretty much for 10 minutes I was just changing diapers....kind of gets old. :)

Alrighty then....on to some pictures of the girls opening their presents on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!
Yep, who says you can't open presents with your teeth.....or gums,in her case....or maybe she's trying to lick the paper off!

Hmmm....opening presents can be pretty hard work I guess! :)

At least one of them is excited about opening presents!

"Umm, Daddy, I can open presents by myself!"

She found the little mirror and was pretty fascinated by what she saw!

Bethany's very first baby doll!

Abigail with her new purse and cell phone....and Bethany's new doll....yeah, it wasn't exactly a quiet process to get her to understand that it wasn't her doll. :) Things are never dull or quiet with a 1 year old, but it can be funny at times so that makes up for the times that its not! I have fun having a little girl that I can paint her toe nails to match mine and she sits perfectly still because she likes having her nails painted to "look like mommy's toes!" It'll be even more fun when Bethany can have her nails painted too...then we'll all three have matching toes. :)

Of course Abigail sits stiller while getting her toes painted then holding still for a picture...oh well, you can at least get an idea of our Christmas toes!


Hillary Brown said...

Aww, the pictures are all soo cute!! =) Love you guys!

Nathan said...

That's why it was good that Abigail got a doll when she came down here...=)