Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Once again it's been a week since my last post....I won't say it'll be the last time that happens, but I will try and I think it's suppose to be a little bit of a slower week so hopefully that will mean I will have more time to post. Never know with two little girls to keep me on the run...I also started P90X which I squeeze in whenever I find time...usually in the morning before the girls wake up (it can be hard to determine that sometimes though). Today was my 3rd day doing it and I'm enjoying getting some exercise in besides the usual of chasing down a child! I've also decided today that I greatly dislike yoga (seeing how today was yoga)...I've done it before but it's been awhile and I was pregnant when I did do it....pregnant or not, it is not my thing. I would probably do any other kind of exercise if it meant I didn't have to do days are going to be days I dread from now on...and I promise I started it thinking positively (didn't do much good though after about 1 minute)! I think it's mostly because it's really slow and drawn out and I have a hard time with that (never been real good at the holding still thing) and I don't find it very relaxing at all because I get bored with it....ok, it is hard too, but the other days exercise programs are hard too and I don't mind them, so I still think it has more to do with it being slow and drawn out! :) Its almost 2 hours long too; I mean really that's crazy! "!" Ok, not really, well just the last part isn't true, the guy really does talk that slow or slower for sure though! I will continue doing it simply because I know it's suppose to be good for me....but....if anyone knows otherwise please tell me, I'd be glad for the advice! Hopefully doing this P90X will get me a little more prepared for when I start running as soon as the weather is warm enough for the girls to be outside...I hope by March. I'm really wanting to run a half marathon in June with hopefully my mom and a couple of my sisters, but we'll see....I think it would be a lot of fun! I used to run, but I probably haven't really ran much in 3 years, so kind of a long time. I might try at least running a couple days a week while Jacob doesn't have work (so he can watch the girls) because I don't know if 3 months will be long enough to get ready for a half marathon...especially considering I haven't ran in forever! Even if I don't end up running the marathon, it'll still be a good way to get motivated and get back into running...make me feel better about myself after having 2 babies too! :)

The activities tonight included: Abigail emptying out the toys in the box and then thinking it's pretty fun to sit in the box (I wish she would keep something in her hair!). They both look pretty ornery in this picture and Bethany "on the outside of the box" didn't last long either! :)

Barely, but yes, they both fit in the box and they seem pretty happy about it too!
Then it was kissing least on Abigail's part! :)
Then Bethany had enough and wanted to get out....Abigail looks pretty pleased about the fact too....hmmm.
I guess she needed to try it out for sleeping space or maybe she wanted to imitate her daddy!
He's had to get up the past couple of mornings really early so he got cozy with the baby blanket and took a little nap! :)
The "pulling up to everything stage" has begun or maybe I should call it the "bumps, bangs and bruises stage"! It's gotta be one of the worse stages because they always get hurt, but they just keep doing it over and over again. Its cute though, especially when she's pulling up to me, smiling and trying to talk the whole time!

I have more pictures and more to say, but both will have to wait till next time!


Nathan said...

I'm pretty sure yoga was on Thursday's...are you skipping out on Monday's because you don't want to do pull-ups? =)

I like the pictures! :) Cute little girls...but why does Abigail always kiss people?? :)

Hannah said...

I only skipped Monday because we don't have our pull-up bar up...we'll probably get one like you have because Jacob doesn't want our scraping up the walls.:) I don't mind skipping pull-ups either!

Abigail's a very loving little girl that's why she likes to kiss people...she'll spend like 5 minutes kissing on me, especially if Jacob acts like it's upsetting him! :D

Nathan said...

:) Okay. Well mine is actually screwed into the frame, so that could be kinda rough on it too...I don't know.
I do miss the ab ripper though. That's the only workout I wish I had right now.

Hehe, I can see her doing it now. ;) Fun little girls. :)