Thursday, January 14, 2010

Just Stuff...And Pictures!

It's been like a week since my last post...I know, it's horrible, but I did make 130 truffles today! Yeah, not bad if I do say so myself, but I still have to dip them all in chocolate tomorrow so I'm not all the way finished...dipping them in the chocolate is a lot easier then the crumbling up the cake (which I do think is fun!), mixing in the icing and then rolling it all into balls. Oh, and yes, I did make them much smaller so hopefully they'll be as good as they were when they were bigger! :) So, I've been keeping myself busy...even if it's just keeping things clean after two munchkins...which is definitely a full time job. :) We've had company twice in our new "living space", which has been nice, but has also kept me pretty busy with cleaning and cooking. We're having another little "get-together" on Saturday and that is what all the truffles are for....ok, well not all of them because I'm going to save a bunch for when my family comes by on Sunday. I'm really excited about them getting to come too! They haven't seen our place (other then in pictures) so I'm looking forward to showing it off, and even more, getting to see them all again. I'm fixing dinner too...I think it'll be the first time I've ever fixed dinner for all of them! Of course, its not quite as nice since I'll have to go upstairs to do any of the of the reasons I can't wait to have my own kitchen! It would be nice if I could remember to take some pictures while they're all here so I can post pictures...which reminds me, I better remember to take pictures on Saturday too. While we're on the topic of pictures........Yep, it's pretty impossible to get a good picture of the three cousins with them all looking and no "helping hands" in the way (which is my fault). Paige (left side) looks adorable in this picture though. :) My grandma (Nanny) got all the little cousins matching dresses for Christmas so we were trying to get a picture....we tried multiple times actually!Bethany knows what do when she sees a camera. :) Abigail must be watching the other kids play. Kinda' looks like she's saying cheese! I love that smile of hers though...she is soo silly! She's finally smiling nicely for a picture and I had to take a blurry picture...I have no skills with the's still a good picture of Abigail though!
Bethany loves her Uncle Nathan! He is a pretty awesome uncle and brother! :) I can't wait for the girls to get to see all of them on Sunday....its always so much fun and, especially Abigail, loves playing with all of them....she'll love showing off her new room too!

So, one of the most important accomplishments of this week was Bethany slept through the night!!!! It was wonderful, of course, I still was up a couple times in awe that I still had not had to get up and feed her, but that was much better then being up for at least 30 minutes to feed her. We've been having to let her cry the past couple of nights due to the fact that she had decided that she would get up an hour after I put her to bed and want to play for 3-4 hours. Yeah, not happening! The first night she cried for about an hour (on and off, since Jacob sang to her for awhile), then last night it was only for about 30 minutes (she slept through the night after that!) and then tonight she only cried for about 5 maybe 10 minutes. Hopefully real soon there won't be any crying and, I'm not getting my heart set on it, but hopefully she'll sleep through the night again tonight....we'll see though. :)

Here's a picture of my Jacob....getting ready to "shoot himself a rabbit!"
I'm a pretty lucky girl to have such a wonderful and handsome guy love me....almost as much as I love him! :D