Monday, December 21, 2009

Basement Progress & Pictures!

So, the latest and greatest news is that we now have all of our things in the basement...we're still unpacking and organizing so we haven't actually "moved" down there, but in the next day or so we should be able to! It's pretty exciting to have all our having Christmas early...of course we're also going through things and getting rid of or throwing things away that we didn't when we were packing a year ago, but if feels good to see our things. Jacob has found a couple of mice nests, but thankfully I haven't encountered any and that has been the worst of the unpacking, other then dints and scratches in some of our furniture from being packed into a storage unit for so long. Abigail's room is adorable with all her stuffed animals on the shelves, her new little bed and her dresser, which will be Bethany's too. :)
I didn't get a picture of Abigail's room (although you can get a glimpse of it behind the curtains in the back of the picture) because it had a lot of boxes, but I will get lots more as soon as it's looking less "box covered". Jacob's in the background going through drawers with Abigail's can just barely see the top of her head! This isn't the greatest picture either, but its at least an idea of what our little apartment looks like...I'll post more since I took this yesterday afternoon and we were up late last night unpacking a lot of boxes. It's looking so nice though, I love it and it will be so nice to have our own space. Saturday night after we had gotten everything, we just sat down there while the girls were getting ready to go to bed relaxing and watching Enchanted in our own felt really good. Of course, we weren't down there long before we got a call from upstairs wondering if we were going to come back up. :)
Bethany was enjoying being surrounded by toys...well, at least for a little while, then she wanted me to quit trying to accomplish anything and hold her.
I think this picture is cute...I thought I had unpacked all the toys, but no, there was another half a box full of them....the girls were excited about them though! :)
She loves the carpet and she's doing the "army crawl" pretty good, so it won't be long before she'll be crawling like a pro....oh yeah, and getting into trouble!
I barely got this picture because she has decided she doesn't like getting her picture taken so she runs away, which is very frustrating, so she was saying "I rotten"....yes, she did have a little help from me in learning how to say that! :) She thought it was pretty funny and hearing her say that was making me (and Jacob laugh)! I'll post some of the Christmas pictures we "tried" to get yesterday. I think we got 20 pictures and maybe one turned out ok....whew, it's tough getting a picture taken with two little kids. We might have to try again, but I'll try and post some of them tomorrow. I start my Christmas baking tomorrow! We'll see how I'm doing tomorrow night after trying to bake and look after 2 wild girls! :)


Nathan said...

Looks good! Keep posting the pictures. They're great! :D

Hillary Brown said...

Aww, that pictures are so cute of the girls!! =)