Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Molten Chocolate Cakes & Jogging Strollers

Quite the combination, I have to say, but at the same time they do kind of go together because, unless you are one of the fortunate few (me not being among that group, sadly), if we want to eat Molten Chocolate Cakes WE HAVE TO go jogging! So, yes I finally made those delicious little cakes last night and found out that besides being extremely easy to make they are incredibly good...unfortunately, since if they were hard to make I might be less likely to make them, but seeing how easy they are and how much everyone around here liked them...I will be making them more often then would probably be good for me! That's where self-denial comes in...and yes, it will take a lot of it to pass up one of those cakes. There are some things that are easy to pass up and I've found that it isn't that hard to pass up on a lot of desserts, but molten chocolate cakes will be one of the hardest things I've discovered so far. They were fun to make and I will have to experience with different recipes to see the differences and see which recipes I prefer, but the recipe I tried is definitely going to be hard to beat. I will post the recipe I settle on or all of them if I can't decide with pictures to go with them as soon as I am able to post pictures....because all good recipes need a good picture to make you see just how good it is before you try it. I actually will sometimes not even look at a recipe if it doesn't have a picture...and yes, I probably miss out on some good recipes, but I like seeing the end result of what I'm going to be attempting to make and it really is convincing to want to make something if you see a yummy looking picture! Alright, enough talking about chocolate and on to my NEW JOGGING STROLLER!!! Yes, it is kind of a weird timing to be getting a jogging stroller (middle of winter), but I just told Jacob I wanted one not long ago and he ordered one for an early Christmas present...well...he was going to try and make me wait, but I convinced him he should go ahead and give it to me in case there are some nice days between now and then! The coolest thing about my stroller is it's a duallie, so now I can go running with both of the girls and it's a BOB stroller so it's even marathon worthy! No guarantees that I'll be running any marathons anytime soon, but if I decide to, I'd be able to train and run with the girls if I wanted. I'm sooo excited about it...I love it already and I haven't even used it, but I can't wait to!!! Even Abigail loves it, she has already chosen her side and sits in it buckled in the living room, so I can't wait to see how she likes it when we actually go outside with it! Hopefully Bethany will be just as excited about it...either way she will probably be napping in it since I will probably run at her nap time. Of course, I certainly won't be doing any serious running till spring and summer, but it's nice to know I can at least get out on the nice days and not have to worry about pushing one kid and trying to chase the other one! :) It'll definitely be good motivation to go running since my reward will be a Molten Chocolate Cake every once in awhile....and trust me, I'm really not that obsessed with those cakes, they're just really good and I've been trying to avoid the sweets so that was a big treat for me. I mean can you blame me? Ok, wait till you've tried one and then answer that! I did good on Thanksgiving too...I mean, most people talk about all the food and dessert they eat on and around Thanksgiving Day and I ate like I would any normal day, with the exception of one Almost Almond Joy Bars that I made. You gotta be able to feel good about that! :)

Wow, this was definitely a chocolaty post with a little running in it...tomorrow will be better...ok, maybe...I like talking about chocolate, you just can't go wrong with chocolate!


Elisabeth said...

I'm so happy you got a jogging stroller! And I found some running skirts we should all get for Hospital Hill Half!! =)