Thursday, December 3, 2009

LIttle Bits of the Going Ons Around Here

One of my favorite times of the day is after the girls both go down for the night...then I can have some "me time" where I can sit around doing nothing if I want too. Of course, I don't usually end up doing nothing, but I don't have to constantly be on the go and I can read or even write like I am right now. :) Jacob is working away on the basement...I really will be glad when it's finished for more then one reason. He's doing such an amazing job on it and he's trying to make it perfect just for me, so it's really sweet of him and I love him so much. He tries not to always be working on last night after dinner he stayed up here and tickled me for about half the time I was trying to write and so I laughed a lot, which is always a good thing! Oh, and yes, I'll be posting lots of pictures of the basement soon! Tomorrow the tile is going to be going in, it takes about 3 days to finish it all though, but it only takes 1 day to get the carpet laid and then it's done! It really is exciting to realize we're going to be able to move all our stuff in down there in a little over a week....OUR STUFF!!! Yes, I miss all my things a lot. We haven't had all our stuff for almost a year now...that's a long time to be without some things and using other peoples stuff the rest of the time. So getting to unpack all our stuff will be like Christmas time at Christmas!!! Some things will have to wait to get unpacked though, since Jacob will still be working on the kitchen area in the basement, so I'll still be having to cook upstairs, do laundry, and give the girls their baths upstairs...Jacob's going to be redoing the bathroom too since all it has is a shower. So, yes, there will still be work to be done down there, but we'll at least have our own space which is what I'm really really looking forward too!

On another note...Bethany has discovered that she can make different facial expressions, so for the past day or two and, especially today, she has been making Abigail and I laugh at her expressions. Which I think she knows, so she continues to make them to our constant amusement! The expressions are so cute and so Bethany...she has the funniest little personality coming out and she loves to laugh about everything! She also loves her big sister Abigail and wants to be able to follow her and do everything she does, so she gets frustrated when she can't go running after Abigail when Abigail takes off to do something...I tell Bethany she has to learn to crawl first...then she can learn to run after Abigail. :) I really can't wait to start posting pictures of them all the time! I was able to get a picture for my profile from my facebook, but I need to get a newer one then was taken the day Jacob got back from his deployment, so about 5 months ago.....I'm so glad he's back. That was a hard 6 months without him, even harder having to watch Abigail miss him, having Bethany without him and then them not getting to meet each other till she was about 2 months old. Yes, I am so glad he's out of the Air Force, I'm not one of those people that could handle their husband leaving for 6 months, home for 6 months (if that) and then leaving again (which would have been the case with him if he had stayed in)....thankfully he feels the same way, so now we get to be together and no one can tell him he has to leave me again.

Well, I am going to get back to reading a fascinating/intriguing book that my sister Kayla loaned me....The Women in White by Wilkie Collins. It's a really good book and it just keeps getting more and more interesting, so if you like surprises, intrigue, suspense and literature give it a try!


Hillary Brown said...

Yay! I can finally comment! =)
You do an awesome job writing! I like how your posts are long. :)
That book is good, I loved reading it. :) Where are you at?

Hannah said...

I'm glad you told me that it wasn't allowing comments or I wouldn't have ever realized it! And thank you, I like writing and it doesn't seem like that much when I'm writing it, but then it gets smashed together and looks like a lot more...kind of cool actually!:) I'm getting close to the end of the book...the really good parts! It's really good!