Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Finally...a post!

Yep, I wasn't sure if I'd ever make it to the point of posting...maybe it'll be easier now, but I'm still figuring out this whole blogging thing. I had my heart set on a brown and pink template (don't worry, I'm still looking), but I wasn't finding anything I liked, so I obviously settled for something totally different. It's kind of Christmasy and I like red...and roses...and love, so I think it'll work for now. Unfortunately, for at least another week or two I won't be able to post pictures (as my cables to connect my camera to the laptop are in storage), so that is sad since I love looking at pictures and I think blogs need to have a lot of pictures. It's kind of like seeing into another persons life when you read their blog and see pictures in every day circumstances, so yes, in future my blog will have lots of pictures. I have two beautiful little girls to be showing off too, so pictures are a must!
Today I was hoping to have at least two hours (is it really asking that much?) of quiet time as the girls napped...of course, once again that didn't happen. I really shouldn't be surprised considering on the days I really need some quiet time they never nap as long as they do any other day. Now, it will take me twice as long to write this since I have constant interruptions...so, more then likely I will be posting after bedtime from now on! Of course, on the days I'm up at 5AM, that might not happen...like today. I think Abigail and Bethany connive together on how they can get me up as early as possible (I think they have it down). Bethany was up first and I tried getting her to go back to bed, but it didn't help that she saw her daddy (who was getting ready to go to work) and once she sees him even the idea of sleep is gone! Of course, I was wishfully thinking there was a possibility, but when 7 came I gave up and no sooner had we walked out of the bedroom Abigail announced that she was ready to join forces with Bethany. *Sigh*, then Bethany promptly decides it's impossible for her to stay awake another minute....Hello! Why couldn't she have she have done that two hours ago?! Yes, if there was any doubt in my mind before now about them working together, this morning definitely proved otherwise. Being as close in age as they are, they will more then likely always be "partners in crime", so I have a lot to look forward to in the coming years! Despite this morning, they are a joy to be around and, especially Abigail, is getting to the age where there is quite a bit of amusement in watching their personality come out!
I am looking forward to tomorrow....Jacob probably won't have work, which is nice for me because I like having him here and, even though not working isn't good, every once in awhile its nice to have a day in the middle of the week where he's home! Oh, and there's a little chance of snow tomorrow night. I love snow, when I don't have to go anywhere and Jacob is with me!