Sunday, December 13, 2009

Busy Day

This will be a short post since it has been rather a busy day and I was tired this morning when I had to get up so I'm even more tired now...I'm hoping the girls give me a good night sleep, we'll see though.
I know I haven't posted in awhile, but the carpet didn't come in so we decided to go down a day early to my family's house, which was really nice! We had been planning to go down Friday sometime, but when we found out Thursday the carpet wouldn't be coming till next week, we figured we'd go early...I think I took a shower and packed for myself and the girls in about 2 hours! Not bad considering I was carrying Bethany about half the time and had Abigail following me around wanting me to play with her...I guess I've had to pack a lot this past year, so I'm getting pretty good at it. Sometimes I forget what it was like to just pack for me and not have to pack two different sizes of diapers and make sure the girls have extra clothes, besides their daily clothes, just in case of "accidents"...mainly I have to worry about Bethany who still has frequent episodes. :) Having to pack up their pack n' plays take some time and making sure I have enough blankets for both of them...I also tend to over pack, which I guess isn't a bad thing when it comes to packing for the girls, but I'm getting better about it for myself at least. I think I could pack just for myself in about 10 ready to walk out the door ready. :)

All right, time for bed...I'll work on posting and if I get enough time....PICTURES! Yep, I have my laptop in working condition, but I have a ton of pictures on my camera so getting them all on there could take awhile, so I won't promise anything, but in the next couple days for sure I should be able to post pictures to my hearts content!