Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Shopping, Wrapping Presents......

I love going shopping for Abigail and Bethany! That will probably be one of my favorite things to do around birthdays and thing Jacob and I did find out was: don't take your 1 year old (or any age probably) to Toys R' Us! It's great at first and I was excited about her seeing all the toys, which she was definitely excited about...but it quickly turns into her wanting everything (especially the dolls) and if something is in a box she thinks that it is her goal in life to open it! It's understandable considering the fact that it's hard for a 1 year old to except the concept that she can't have the "millions of toys that are just sitting around for the taking"...I mean really, think about what they must be thinking when you take them into a store like that. They're old enough to know they like playing with toys and in a place like that, instead of seeing one or two dolls, they see hundreds of every imaginable kind of doll...from crawling baby dolls to prettily dressed dolls with lots of hair. Not forgetting the thousands of other toys and books...that are extremely fascinating, even to me...I could walk around in that store for hours probably! So no, I can't really blame her for turning into a "demanding, I want everything little girl", but for that reason we also won't be taking her back any time soon! :)

As for the basement update: the trim is of this past hour! So we're ready to move all our belongings in, which is very exciting, and Jacob and his dad are going down to Rolla tomorrow morning to get all our things out of storage! I'm not sure when we'll actually "move down there", but soon....really soon! Oh, and we realized the other day that we had thrown away our comforter for our bed when we were packing things up (back in January) because it was pretty worn, so yesterday we got a new one and when we got back from shopping we took it down to see how it would look with the colors in the basement. I took Bethany down with us, since she was wound up and not wanting to go to bed, and laid her on the floor where she (when we weren't looking) promptly spit up on our new carpet and new comforter! *Sigh* so our carpet and comforter are now officially broke in and I'm sure, unfortunately, that that was just the first of many episodes like that....and yes, I laughed about it, but it was partly because of Jacob's reaction both to Bethany spitting up on the floor and carpet
and to the actual spit up! :) He said it smelled and as extra precaution made his way over to the hard floor and spent a little time there! I guess because I'm a mommy now I can deal with spit up and stuff without it bothering me to much...hopefully that will be the case when the girls are bigger and it's not just milk that they've eaten. :)

On a not so "gross" subject...I got started on wrapping presents. To those of you out there that can wrap any size, weird shaped, can you give me some tips?! I think it could be a lot of fun to actually wrap presents and have them turn out looking nice...I can do some alright, but most turn out looking pretty bad when you look closely. I know the general idea for wrapping, but it rarely ever works the way its suppose to...oh well, maybe I'll get it eventually!


Nathan said...

I love my nieces! =) Very cute pictures. :D

Hillary Brown said...

Can't wait to see you guys in a few more days!!! =)