Monday, December 3, 2012

Pregnancy Update

Well, I had another prenatal visit with my midwife and time seems to be going by faster now that I'm seeing her every two weeks. In two weeks we'll be down to once a week visits since we decided to do another two weeks this time....we're getting closer though! :)

Little Miss Ella is leaning towards being posterior, and boy was I feeling it last night when my back was killing me! I seriously felt like an old person when I would get out of bed to use the bathroom...ugh, not fun. Hopefully she turns herself around soon so it gives my back a break. I already deal with (what we think is) Costochondritis, which is an inflammation of the cartilage around my ribs, and it causes really horrible rib pain, so combining the fact that my ribs hurt no matter which side I lay on at night, and the back pain, makes for difficult sleeping.
Other than the sleeping situation, I've been feeling pretty good though so I shouldn't complain too much! :)

I'm measuring at 33cm, so I'm definitely measuring behind since I've only grown 2cm in the past month, but the midwife said that a lot of the time when the baby is posterior it can make you measure smaller too. I'm still guessing I'm around 35 weeks, but no matter what we're getting down to the finish line!

She's staying very active, and evening time is definitely her favorite time to do crazy acrobatic stuff, which can be very entertaining.....although, occasionally she'll surprise me with some power kicks which make me randomly jump. :)

As for staying busy this week, I'm planning on going through the baby stuff and washing it up, so that should take up some time :) Plus, at some point during this weeks, or next week, we'll probably start doing some Christmas decorating...I don't know who is more excited, the girls or me!


Micaela said...

Yay for a baby update! And ugh, I know exactly how you feel with the whole sleep situation! Excited for you though that you're nearing the finish line!! ;) you're in my thoughts and prayers! God bless!