Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Thanksgiving Break Fun!

I know I'm late posting some pictures from our Thanksgiving with my family, but I'm finally doing it....so no complaining! :) Of course, I didn't get a picture of the kitchen full of food (yes, I was filling my plate and my stomach as fast as I could!), but trust me it all looked and tasted amazing!

So now, just enjoy some pictures of the kids and some of the fun....

The cute and adorable Logan(my nephew)!
Paige & Eden(my niece & cousin) playing in the leaves.
Logan & "the real photographer" Hillary (my sister).
Kaden & Logan (my nephews).

There was even game-playing in the pantry! :)
Lots of playing with toys happened.

There was also a lot of dancing and being silly that was video taped, but they'll probably just be added to our family videos so as not to embarrass some people! :)

While we were all home, my mom and sisters were all able to go out for our "girls coffee time," which was as fun as usual...although, I'm sure we tend to be a distraction to other people with all of our laughing and talking, but they just don't know what they're missing out on! :)
We did have the exception of one boy tag-along, but he was a cutie so we didn't mind!
He got tired of girl-talk though, so he ate cookies. :)
 I didn't get pictures of everyone while we were out, but I did get a couple of some of my sisters....of course, I have tons of crazy, silly pictures, but I'll refrain from posting them!
Hillary & Kayla
Hillary, Kayla, Janessa, & Adalie (4 of my 6 sisters!).
 It was definitely a fun little break, and it was awesome to all get to be home together...just a few more weeks and hopefully we can have a repeat! Hurray for Christmas/New Years break!