Thursday, November 1, 2012

Random Thursday

It's the first day of November everyone! 

That means I only have 2 months to go till Ella's here....maybe less, which is what I'm hoping for! :) I already feel like I've been pregnant forever...and I'd totally forgotten how frustrating it is to try and bend over and pick something up off the floor. It's a workout just going around the house to pick up things off the floor...not to mention trying to bend over and put on the girl's shoes(or mine for that matter)! 
Ella seems to be doing well, although she's definitely getting crowded in there and stronger because she can sure make me jump when she starts pushing. I mean it actually hurts when she starts pushing really hard! I'm thinking it's probably a foot since it's always near the top of my belly and towards the right, but man, she must have some long toenails or something!

Abigail and Bethany keep asking when Ella's going to come, and of course, making plans for what they're going to do with her, so they're definitely excited. :) 
Here they are this morning as we were having our 'morning talk'.

 It's always entertaining to sit and talk to them because they're usually both wanting to talk at the same time but then getting mad at each other for interrupting. So this morning Bethany got into her preaching mode with Abigail (because Abigail kept interrupting her), and it was funny because she had to tell me how Aunt Kayla told them they're not suppose to talk when someone else is talking and that they have to wait till the person is done talking! Then she went on to tell me that Abigail was being wild, but when I told her she was too, she said, "I am not being wild, I'm just sitting here talking to you!"  And, yes, when she told me that she was looking very serious like she is in the picture...hehe, it's hard not to laugh when she gets all serious! :)

Well, I really need to go make my spinach smoothie, but instead I keep thinking how yummy this Chicken Alfredo we had last week would be!
Yum! I know this picture doesn't do it justice, but I was starving so I had to eat first and then take a picture when I was putting the leftovers up....I'm pregnant so give me a break! :)
This stuff is so good though....I used whole wheat, whole grain pasta (so a little of it was healthy), and then I made the alfredo sauce using the recipe from the Betty Crocker cookbook, and grilled up a couple of chicken breasts (cut into strips). For the mushrooms (they're what makes it!) I cooked them up separately with olive oil, a little salt and pepper, garlic powder, and Tony's Creole seasoning (which is a must when cooking mushrooms). Then you mix everything together, including the liquids from the cooked mushrooms, and you eat it....trying to only stick with one helping! Yes, it's that good, plus reheated leftovers are amazing too, and I'm not a big fan of leftovers. :)

Ok, I'll quit procrastinating and go make my green smoothie.....

Oh, and I wish I could have gotten a video of the girls just now because they were dancing around with their big teddy bears, which they were calling their husbands! Life is never dull around here......

and yes, I know that was totally random, but hey, it's a random day. :)

Alright, I really am going to go and make my green smoothie now, but can I just say first that I prefer pink smoothies.