Monday, October 29, 2012

It's Monday

Well, the girl's summer clothes are now switched over to their winter clothes, and I'm feeling good about having finally gotten that accomplished. :)
I'm thinking I'll wait till around the first of December to pull out the box of baby girl stuff for Ella. I know it'll take quite a bit longer to do since I'll need to have Jacob get the box (it's at the very bottom of all the boxes in the storage room, of course), and then wash it all and find somewhere to put them. Our space is pretty limited with one dresser the girls share, but I'll have to find a way of squeezing in clothes for one more. :) I'm really looking forward to going through all the stuff...I love baby clothes!

As for what the girls have been up too, this is what I found on the wall in their room...

When I saw this, I looked at Abigail (who stopped jumping on her bed to stare innocently at me) and said, 
"who did this on the wall?"
Abigail response: "Umm, well...Bethany did it!"
Ok, so to be honest, I started laughing! I mean really, I've always heard stories of kids doing this (including my Dad), so to see that Abigail had plainly been the one to write it, but somehow thought that she could get away with saying Bethany did it was just so funny! Abigail knows Bethany can't even write her own name, let alone Abigail's name so I'm not sure how Abigail thought she could get away with saying Bethany did it, but I guess kids just have to give it a try anyway. :)
I also thought it was funny, that she had started to write it in big letters, but ran out of wall space so she had to do it least it was with washable crayons! I guess she felt rushed too, since she doesn't usually misspell her name. :)
She did get a spanking from Daddy for coloring on the wall.....and yes, he had to do it cause I was trying not to laugh about it, and probably wouldn't have spanked her (this time) for it since I had laughed. :)

I'm sure this won't be the last of the 'name writing on the wall', and for those of you that have kids that are learning to write their name....yes, this will probably happen to you too! :)


Micah said...

haha..oh kids. yeah..I have a few names written on my walls too. sigh. pretty funny tho that she tried blaming it on her sister!