Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Pregnancy Update

Hurray for pregnancy updates! :)

Things were looking good this time, especially the iron. Three weeks ago it was 7.8 and today it was up to 10.1, so hurray for that! Of course, it still needs to go up at least another point or two, but at least it means we're on the rise. :)

I was measuring at 31cm, which I was excited about since I've been thinking I've been measuring smaller than I am and it seems like Ella's starting to catch up (maybe due to my iron going up). Of course, I still don't know for sure if it's accurate because with Bethany I was measuring 31cm when I was actually 33 weeks.....so, we'll just have to see. :)
No matter what though, I'm down to around the last 10 weeks so I'm excited!

The downer for my prenatal visit....having to get on the scale. Does anyone like that part, cause I sure don't. I have to work to see the actual numbers on the scale now that the belly hinders my view and I guess I could just not look, but for some reason I choose to torture myself and make the effort to peer over the belly to the ever rising numbers. Yep, I'm up a total of 29lbs for this pregnancy....and I still have weeks to go. :( I'd like to say I have these huge babies.....but unfortunately I have small babies because I believe my body is a fat hogger and doesn't like to share.
Seriously though, I guess I'll have to pass on the majority of the sweets this holiday season.....being pregnant around the holidays are not the best combination....talk about the most tempting time to eat lots of desserts. :)

Well, that was about it for my prenatal visit...everything really looked good and I'm officially down to every two week visits from now on! Exciting! :)

I better get back to making my potato soup or we'll be having no dinner tonight.....um, actually it might be bacon-less potato soup since I tend to eat about half the bacon. I mean really, how can anyone pass up crispy bacon just sitting there? Actually nevermind, I might be the only one.....and here I am complaining about weight gain.

Honestly though, it's the bacon's fault....and the cheese....ok, and the bread, I seriously love bread!


Micah said...

hahaha...this cracks me up! You are so in shape you are going to drop the weight fast! Besides..its #3..haven't you heard that baby lbs always come off faster after #3? :)

Hannah said...

Lol, thanks, Micah! :) I really feel like a fat blob right now though, and although I'm hoping it will all come right off, I know better...my body seriously likes to hang on to every ounce of fat! Jacob and I are going to give Insanity a try though as soon as I'm able to after the baby is born, so I'll have to use you as my inspiration! I don't know if I can get up as early as you do though! :)