Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Day Outside

Definitely fall around here, but I'm loving the cooler weather!

We've been trying to spend some time outside today, and the girls informed me that this...
is Wendy, or maybe "Windy"....I'm not sure exactly. :) But, yes, the garden scarecrow has a name and the girls had fun getting some pictures taken with her, and "holding" her hands! :)

Then they decided they wanted their picture taken by the fake cats....which didn't have names that I'm aware of. :)
I then thought I would try getting pictures of each of the girls by themselves....Bethany had other plans though. I guess she thought she couldn't smile normally without Abigail in the picture with her. On the other hand, I got a beautiful picture of Abigail.
 Hopefully with time Bethany will become more photogenic. :)

Well, I think we are off to the park now that Jacob is home!