Thursday, October 11, 2012

Random Thursday

Well, the day isn't even over and I feel tired. I did make two apple pies though, and had to deal with two little girls that decided to make a mess of all their toys and then tell me it was, "too hard to clean up!" So after a few spankings and a talk on the couch....maybe we're doing better. Our talk consisted of what we "do" and "don't do", including the importance of obeying even when "we don't want to." The most tiring part of that was saying something and then asking Bethany what I just said.....there would be a long pause, then a "ummm, well....." After several attempts she was able to repeat what I said....I guess it won't take very long to find out if it actually sunk in her head though *sigh*.

So, yes, dealing with them makes for a longer, more tiring, day then baking two apple pies.

Something funny the girls were discussing yesterday, was "homework". Bethany had been asking when Daddy would get home, and I told her he would get home whenever he finished all of his school. So, then she was saying when he finished all of his homework he would come home, but then Abigail had to point out that, "Daddy does his homework at home because it's called home work, so you do it at home!" Of course, Bethany kept arguing that he was going to do all of his homework at school and Abigail stuck with her argument of doing homework at home. Well, I was busy in the kitchen so I kind of quit paying attention, but was pulled back into the conversation when I heard Abigail say loudly, "home school, well, that's funny!" I would love to know how it got around to home school, but it was hilarious to hear Abigail say that, especially in her well-that's-the-silliest-thing-I've-ever-heard, kind of voice! After I laughed for awhile, I had to point out to Abigail that when she started school that would be what it's called because she would be doing school at home. 

I'm still laughing about that one....never know what kids will think of and how it will come out as! :)


Micaela said...

Hi, I'm micaela, I found your blog via Micah Haacks blog and really enjoy reading your posts! For many reasons! I live in Missouri too and often wonder how close we might live to each other?! I love your posts about the girls because I have two boys 15 months apart and know exactly what your saying when you talk about life with twins. . . Minus the twin part! Lol and congratulations on the 3rd baby! I have 3 boys total, with my baby being 5 months old now. Thanks for your posts and your upbeat attitude!! ;)

Hannah said...

Hi, Micaela! I'm so glad you enjoy my blog! We're south of St. Louis, and it would be wonderful if we didn't live too far apart and could meet up! It's always so nice to meet other people dealing with similar, any advice on moving up from having 2 kids to 3! :)