Monday, April 2, 2012

Where To Begin....

Yes, I realize I am a horrible blogger, and I do feel bad about it, but life does go on and some things are more important than blogging. I was actually planning on doing homework tonight, but STARS isn't working, and everything I need to do is on there so there went that plan. I also wasn't planning on mopping, but due to an unexpected blockage in a water pipe, I will now be mopping the kitchen floor, plus lighting a bunch of candles...ugh. Also, what I thought might be a longer post will now be pretty short....never know when the unexpected will happen.
This was taken earlier this winter. I thought it was cute...both of them watching a movie and cuddling together! They can be so sweet at times. :) I'll have to post pictures soon of their new haircuts...they weren't sure about them at first, but they love it and they look adorable.

It's also Jacob's birthday today, but it's been kind of a rough day with having a cold, plus dealing with a plumbing issue when he needed to be working on school stuff...poor guy, not a very fun birthday. I love you so much, Jacob! You are doing an amazing job on the bathroom and hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.