Monday, October 4, 2010

Fall Is Here!

It feels very much like fall (and a little like winter) the past couple of weeks. The cool weather is nice for being outside and last week I took the girls to the park near here and they had a blast! Well, that is until Bethany heard another mom tell her kids it was time to go and eat lunch; she started following the kids saying "eat, eat!" So, we had to head home because she didn't want to play anymore....just food....she kind of has a one track mind when she hears anything about eating food! She's definitely my eater and would literally eat all day if I let her. I'm constantly finding her getting everything out of the snack cabinet, and making a big mess, trying to find something to eat....usually right after I've fed her lunch! One of her favorite things to do is, after she finishes eating her own food, she wants to get down and go to Abigail's plate and finish her food....probably cause she knows there will always be food on Abigail's plate. :) Two totally different little girls and boy do they make me run to keep up with them in all their antics, but they can also be very cute and entertaining!Bethany is getting really well at communicating....and she loves her daddy!They love being outside....Abigail definitely looks excited....not so sure about Bethany. :) We're loving the fall weather, although it has been cold the last couple of days which is giving me an idea of what this winter will be like with 2 wild girls being stuck inside!

I hope everyone is enjoying the'll be over before we know it.