Monday, October 18, 2010

Around Here....

I know, I know.....I had been doing pretty good with posting frequently and then I failed to keep it up. I did just get a bunch of cookbooks from the library today (which I'm extremely excited about!), so I won't guarantee I'll be able to post every day, but I will try! :) I also got The Strong-Willed Child by Dr. James Dobson, so I have some reading to do....figuring out how to raise your kids is definitely a full time job as I'm continually finding out!

Still no word from the jobs Jacob applied to, but the closing date isn't until December, so it could be awhile before we hear anything. I'm still trying to keep from getting my hopes up too much, but that's definitely easier said then done considering how much I want him to get the job. Patience....I keep having to work on that! Its one of those qualities that you constantly have to be working on because for some things you might feel like you're actually getting better, but as soon as you think that God brings in another situation that causes you to have to start all over. :)

We had a terrific time last Saturday with our friends from really is wonderful having friends to spend time with and our calendar is filling up fast! It's been really nice to be able to get the games out and play. :) I actually did a lot better, at Mad Gab, when we played it last Saturday than I did the first time I played it....which was good! The guys did beat us (we played guys against girls) at one game, but I think us girls had a slight disadvantage considering we were also having to watch our kids....and we got a really hard one that not even the guys could get and they seemed to be constantly getting really easy ones! :D Ok, more then likely it was completely fair, but you never know and there will definitely be another round to give us girls another chance!

We also went down to Rolla this past weekend and that was (like always) so much fun to see and visit with everyone....we even got to have a bonfire and do marshmallows! I also got to practice shooting my gun (which I haven't shot a gun in what seems like forever) in anticipation of deer season. All my shots were kill shots, so that was nice...I could still use some practice to perfect my shooting and get it where I want it every time, but I was at least happy to not have missed the target completely! :) Jacob did have to show off his expert shooting skills by announcing he was going to hit the eye of the deer (we had one of those 'front ends of a deer' posters) and then taking one shot and shooting it right in the eye and then saying he was done! Show off! :) I love him anyways though and I'll just have to shoot a 14-pointer during deer season! :D

Alright, I better get back to changing diapers....oh, and I'm going to be giving French Bread a try now that I'm back in Missouri and I don't have to worry about the high altitude of Colorado to mess up my bread from rising. :)


Micah said...

sounds like you've been keeping busy! I know just how you feel about the job process...before jerem got the job he has now it seemed like the process of waiting took an eternity. At least we can rest in the promise that the Lord knows our needs AND our desires and He has the perfect plan in store for our families! :)