Friday, September 17, 2010

The Girls & Me!

So......I'm trying to accomplish some things of them being to post on my blog so if you're reading this then good! It is rather tempting to read while the girls are asleep, but I figured sometimes I can read even when they're awake, but actually posting on my blog while they're awake?! Nope, not happening! They end up crawling all over me trying to reach the laptop and then doing something to it that I can't fix, so it's something I have to do when they are peacefully sleeping and I'm praying they sleep "just a little longer!" Seriously, I don't think anyone really understands the importance of nap-time for kids unless you are a mom and have kids of your own. I mean, it is really necessary for the survival and well-being of a have got to have that time while they are napping and if it isn't long enough it can drastically change the happiness of your day!

Two days later......I guess they sensed that I was hoping they would sleep longer, and seeing how it is quite impossible for them to be nice to me and sleep longer, I am once again trying to finish this post....while they're awake! I know, I must be crazy! :) It is actually getting close to their nap-time so I will have to pause in writing, but I shall, with as much certainty as I can, finish this today!

Nothing really new is going on around here, other then the fact that the girls are getting bigger and getting into more trouble....if that's possible....and in Bethany's case she just keeps finding more and more ways to get in trouble. Abigail has her phases, but has also discovered the joys of watching movies (Shrek and The Little Mermaid) so she can be entertained easily if I'm needing to get something done. For me, I've started P90X again and this is my second week of doing it. I guess I felt the urge to try and burn a little more fat....hopefully it's working. :) I've been reading that getting enough sleep is really helpful in losing weight. Unfortunately, On most night I can't even get 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep so hopefully that isn't altogether true. Bethany has been getting better, but then she goes through phases that set her back again so we keep having to work through them will be so nice when I can move her into Abigail's room!
You see it, right?! All that orneriness?!
It's so cute when they give each other kisses! :)We were saying 'cheese', of course, we're going to have cheesy smiles!
Bethany looks so sweet must have been perfect timing on the picture, because I don't remember her being very still while I was trying to take pictures!Even through the girls aren't looking at the camera, I still think they look pretty sweet....and I love black and white pictures!