Friday, August 20, 2010

Sisterly Fun

Sitting in a basket can be so much fun.....or at least that seemed to be the case for Abigail and Bethany one morning! I actually prefer them sitting "in" the basket instead of "standing on top of it" since they don't seem to get as hurt....normally that is.....there was the one time where Bethany pushed Abigail out of the basket, which upset Abigail immensely. :)

Then there was the day of dress up....or rather, wearing their dress up skirts on their heads while in their pajamas! I thought they were pretty cute and I'm quite sure they thought so too! :)

I love it when they hold's so sweet and cute, especially when they do it on their own!
I guess Bethany thought she needed to add something to her, big bright pink sunglasses were the perfect solution! :)