Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thanksgiving Fun!

It's hard to believe it's been almost a week since times always go by so fast! We had a wonderful Thanksgiving even though it decided to rain and sleet as soon as Jacob had the turkeys ready to deep fry outside! It then snowed while he did the second one! Making memories for sure with that experience. :) We had a lot of yummy food, and I most certainly mean a lot of was all delicious though. My desserts all turned out flops or anything so that was good. The mini cheesecakes were a hit so I'll definitely be making them again...I will post dessert pictures another time. :) My sister and her husband had also gotten my family Band, yes we did a lot of "rockin' and a rollin'"! :)There was some serious concentration going on...... :)
Mom was having a lot of fun on the drums! It was fun having her and Dad both playing together....we had a hard time convincing Mom, but I think she liked it after she tried it. :)
We played lots of card games.....
Did lots of silly stuff! .....
Played with toys....lots of them....
Sat around and talked....a lot!
We worked out....oh wait, that's Bethany! I guess she thought she needed to work off her turkey dinner! :)

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving!