Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas Eve!

We've been having a fun Christmas Eve and it all started by waking up to beautiful snow that has continued throughout the day! I love how it covers all the trees...snow makes everything look beautiful.....well, with the exception of roads when you're trying to drive on them! :) Our Christmas Eve will also conclude with snow ice cream...hopefully...I haven't told Jacob of my latest plan, but with the abundance of snow and the influence of Abigail and Bethany (and of course, ME!), it shouldn't be too hard to convince him! ;)

The other day, with some help from Jacob, painted our toenails and fingernails to match and be Christmasy...the girls fingernail polish didn't last very long though, so we just got pictures of our toes. :) Jacob declined getting his nails painted, for any of you wondering. ;)
I have no idea why, but the girls decided to go around in nothing but diapers....
and in Abigail's case, a hat!
Bethany carried a jacket around...I guess assuming that if she had a jacket I would let her out the door, which she tried on several occasions to escape through!
This picture is a little blurry, but it makes me laugh! Some day they both will want to kill me for posting a picture of them in only their diapers....yes, Bethany is wearing a diaper, but it's hilarious because it looks like she isn't! :)

So, while the girls ran around naked, Jacob made a little snowman for the girls....
Isn't he cute! Maybe tomorrow we can make some big snowmen to be his buddies! :)

Have a good Christmas Eve!