Saturday, November 5, 2011

Well, I'm Still Here, But....

I am officially failing the upkeep of my blog. There's been times where I could have written, but I chose to do something else with my time instead...don't hate me! :) We are all doing well around here, although, Jacob and Bethany did have a sick period about a week ago. Abigail and I somehow managed to stay well though, which was a relief since I wasn't sure I could handle taking care of multiple sick people, being sick myself and keeping up with schoolwork! The end of the semester is in sight though! Woohoo! :) I'm looking forward to the break and being done with English Comp. especially. Don't get me wrong, I'm actually enjoying it a lot, but it requires a huge amount of work every week so I definitely won't miss it! I hope I can get an "A" in the class would be nice to have A's in every class for this semester!

This is probably going to have to be all for now. People should be arriving soon for a bonfire and I need to get the rest of my school books put out of sight for awhile! :)