Saturday, August 13, 2011

Summer Happenings

Well, I'm sitting here all ready to go out for my run so I don't know how much I'll get done, but I figured I'd at least get started and then finish up later. I'm needing to get back into serious running if I want to do a 1/2 marathon in November with my Mom and sister, but with the recent heat wave I wasn't getting any running in....having two kids and trying to get up really early doesn't work that well. I think the weather is suppose to be cooler from now on so it should be a lot easier to get out there and start putting on the miles! As for the girls, they continue to keep me busy! Bethany is now potty trained, so hurray for no more diapers! :) It was actually surprising how quickly she picked it up...she pretty much had it all figured out the first morning and had less trouble than Abigail. Of course, I thought I was going to go crazy that first morning since we were in the bathroom, literally, every 5-10 seconds! But it's much better now and it is a relief to be done with diapers...those things are expensive! We do have trouble (since we only have one bathroom)because both the girls will decide they need to go at the same time and will be fighting over who can get to the toilet the fastest or who can peel out of their clothes of the problems with only having one bathroom.We've been spending a lot of time in the pool this summer, especially since most of the time it's been hot enough to where if we go outside it has to be to get in the pool. The girls haven't minded at all and it's been nice for me to get to lay out in the sun some....first time I've gotten much of a tan since before both of the girls were born... so, woohoo! :) Sadly, I didn't get many pictures, partly because the camera was broken, but also cause I kept forgetting.....pretty bad, I know.I love how they like to hold hands and put their arms around each other when I tell them I want a's sweet. I took some picture on my phone, one day, of them hugging each other because it was hilarious what they were doing! They would both walk in a different direction and then turn around and walk back towards each other and when they met they would hug each other while Abigail would say "I've missed you, sister!" It was making me laugh, especially when they continued to do it multiple times without seeming to mind that it had been a whole 10 seconds since the last time they had hugged and exclaimed over missing each other! Kids are definitely entertaining and you never know what their little heads are going to come up with. :)

Well, I don't really have time at the moment to go into all the details of the other things that have been going on this summer, but Jacob is back to work doing construction with his Dad after a few months of being a Correction Officer at a prison near here. That was definitely an experience, but not something any of us were happy with and it just wasn't providing enough for the hours he spent working, so it was a big relief to have him go back to work with his Dad...and thankfully construction work has been plentiful even during the heat wave so that has been a huge relief. I'm very happy to have Jacob back on a more normal routine, since while he was working at the prisons, he was working an evening/night shift and then sleeping most of the day until he had to leave again, so it was limited time of actually getting to spend time with him. The girls were effected by it too and their attitudes have changed dramatically since he's gotten into a more normal routine and has been able to spend more time with's interesting changing a routine messes everyone up! So, we are all a lot happier now and we'll just pray that there continues to be construction work. :)

Jacob and I are both enrolled as full time students at the college near here, but details on that will have to wait until the next time I post, which might be awhile since my sister Hillary is coming to spend a couple days with us! :)

So, until next time!